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Disney Pixar UP and Monsters Inc. Printable Coupons + Deals

by Tara Kuczykowski on November 10, 2009 · 57 comments

Disney UP Coupon
If you're looking to purchase Disney UP or Monsters Inc. for a gift or your own family, here are two coupons you'll defl want to print out.

Walmart has UP priced at just $19.96, so that makes it only $9.96 after coupon!

Plus you can submit for two of these three rebates:

If you want to try your hand at price matching at Target, then you could do this scenario:

UP Blu-ray Combo Pack, $23.99 (price match Best Buy)
Monsters Inc., $18.99 (price match Best Buy)

Use $10 off Disney Pixar UP Blu-ray Combo Pack printable
Use $8 off Monsters Inc. Blu-ray Combo Pack printable
Use $10 off wyb UP and Monsters Inc. Target printable
$14.98 for both after coupons!

Plus you can also submit for the rebates above to make your OOP as low as $4.98 for both -- wow!!!

Thanks, Couponing to Disney!

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1 JULIE November 14, 2009 at 8:01 pm

OMG!!! I did the Target scenario and this is what happened. We used all three coupons & did the price match for Monsters inc from Best Buy. Up had been price dropped from 26.99 to 19.99 so Up was 9.99 after coupon & Monsters Inc was 8.99 after coupon, then we used the 10.00 Target coupon leaving us a total of 8.98. We then got out to the car & looked at our reciept and it looked like the Target coupon had not been taken off. So we went back & showed the manager who gave us the 10.00 back for the coupon. We had bought t some other stuff so no one really noticed that the 10.00 off coupon was applied it just printed off on the reciept weird. My husband figured out that we got the Target coupon applied twice once we got home. So we ended up with Up & Monsters Inc for free. Loved this scenario, keep up the good work.


2 JQ November 14, 2009 at 10:02 pm

went to target today and got the UP blu ray now for $19.99 (cheaper than best buy) & monster's inc blu ray @ 18.99 (price matched to best buy) - was able to use all three coupons!!! :D


3 Janey November 23, 2009 at 3:37 pm

I tried to get this deal at 4 different Target's the week it was on sale and NONE of them had both movies in stock. They wouldn't give me a raincheck on them either in spite of the fact that they had the little sale tags on the shelf. The guy said they don't give rainchecks on "special edition" items. I told him neither of them were a special edition rather they are combo packs with both Blu-Ray and DVD discs in them. He didn't care and said no-can-do on the raincheck.

I think I'm going to wind up getting both of these movies at Target anyway. I found a Target that has both of them in stock. The Up is ringing up $19.99 and Monsters, Inc. is $24.99. Not as great of a deal as some of y ou got but still a good deal...better price than just getting Up by itself and I can put Monsters, Inc (we already have it on DVD and don't have a Blu-Ray player) in the gift closet. :)


4 amber November 26, 2009 at 1:21 am

whao...a lot of you need to calm down its just a movie...and you have to understand if you want the movie and the coupon was posted very well almost EVERYWHERE on the net then more than likely its going to be sold out....on hot items target doesnt give rain checks its in too hot of a demand....why would they your going to still but it later anyways....thats pretty much all stores...come on your getting a great deal some christmas thankful you have a coupon...


5 jessica February 23, 2010 at 6:30 pm

please email me a printable coupon for disney's up. im having a hard time obtaining it through site


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