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Personalized Vitamin Recommendations with VitaSelect

by Tara Kuczykowski on April 4, 2014 · 0 comments

Yesterday I got up, made sure the kids were dressed, groomed, fed and out the door on time, and then I immediately started on working on some various projects I have going. I did manage to squeeze in a workout before my kindergartener walked in the door at noon, but you know what I realized around 2:00 in the afternoon? I still hadn't eaten anything...

I think, as women, we naturally have a tendency to get so wrapped up in caring for those around us that we often forget to take care of ourselves as well. Keeping our minds and bodies happy and healthy is so important too -- because otherwise, we can't really focus on taking care of our loved ones, right?

So one of the changes I've implemented lately is focusing on taking a multivitamin every day. It's no substitute for eating healthy, but I like to think it gives me a little extra boost on those days when my eating habits just aren't so great.

But choosing a vitamin regimen can be a little overwhelming, right? I mean, there are just such a huge array of not only multivitamins but also individual vitamins and supplements. Thankfully Walmart just added a new tool to their website that can help you make smart choices about the vitamins and supplements that your body needs the most.

The VitaSelect tool leads you through a short series of questions about your health, lifestyle, risk factors, and stress levels. After you complete the survey, it will recommend a personalized list of vitamin recommendations, prioritizing what your body needs most and also offering a few additional optional recommendations for optimal health.

Once you receive your recommendations you can choose to print the list, email the list to yourself or add them to your cart and checkout online. Walmart doesn't store your personalized information, so you'll definitely want to do this!

Based on the survey, I received two priority recommendations and four additional optional choices. A multivitamin and probiotic were my main priorities, and my optional recommendations were a B-complex, vitamin B-12, fish oil soft gels, and a magnesium supplement. I've been taking the multivitamin, probiotic, and B-complex daily for about a week now, and while it's a little too soon to see the overall health effects, I do feel like I have more energy -- definitely a plus for this busy mom!

Use the VitaSelect tool to get your personalized vitamin recommendations now! I'd love to hear your thoughts on the results. Were you surprised by any of the recommendations?

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