Target Grocery Coupons

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:: Contact Target

  • Target Customer Service: 1-800-440-0680
  • E-mail feedback to Target Corporate Headquarters

:: Coupon Policy

Target accepts the following types of coupons:

  • Valid Target-issued coupons
  • Manufacturer coupons

The following are guidelines and limits:

  • Target will accept one manufacturer coupon and one Target-issued coupon for a single item at time of purchase (unless prohibited).
  • Super Target coupons can be used at any Target location if the store carries the item.
  • Coupon value will be reduced if exceeds the value of the item after discounts and coupons are applied (e.g. $1 coupons will be reduced to $0.99 when purchasing a $0.99 item).
  • Target does not give cash if the coupon value is greater than the cost of the item.
  • Target will not accept coupons from other retailers.
  • Target will only accept coupons for products carried in their store.
  • All valid coupons should be presented to the cashier at the time of purchase.
  • Target will only accept coupons on or before their expiration date.
  • To save paper, Target coupons can be printed at the gift registry in-store.

:: Price Matching

The following are guidelines and limits:

  • Target will match the price of a competitor's advertisement if the advertisement is local and current and the product being matched is identical.
  • Target will adjust previous purchases within 7 days prior to the purchase.
    Copies, photos, print outs, or anything other than the original advertisement will not be accepted during price matching.
  • Item must be identical in brand, size, weight, quantity, and model number.
  • Any manufacturer coupons will be applied after price matching.
  • Target coupons will be applied before price matching.

The following exclusions apply:

  • / Online-Only Competitor Promotions
  • Competitor's FREE Product Deals
  • Gift Cards
  • Limited Quantity Items
  • Opened or Damaged Items
  • Clearance or Closeout Items
  • Mail-In Offers
  • Services (warranties, assembly, etc...)
  • Bundle Offers
  • Special Orders
  • Sales-Tax Promotions
  • Liquidation/ Going Out of Business Sales
  • Special Financing
  • Competitor Coupons
  • Used or Previously Owned Items
  • Display Merchandise
  • Pricing or Typographical Errors
  • Club or Loyalty Programs

:: Additional Discounts or Promotions

  • Target offers a $0.05 bag credit for reusable bags provided by you and utilized during purchases.
  • Target often offers gift card promotions in which you have to buy an item or items and receive a gift card in return. For these promotions quantities are limited and rain checks are unavailable (see Rolling [coming soon] to maximize your savings with gift card promotions).

:: FAQ for Shopping Target

Q. Why are the prices at my Target different from those listed on your site?

A. Target's sale prices are typically nationwide with a few exclusions, like soda Regular prices vary regionally and sometimes even from store-to-store within the same area. Generally prices are reasonably close, but some may vary greatly.

Q. Target refused to accept my Internet coupon. Why?

A. Target's nationwide coupon policy states that they do accept Internet coupons. If you have trouble with your local Target, contact headquarters or print their online coupon policy to show in-store during purchases.

Target may still refuse insert coupons if they do not scan. If this becomes a problem, try printing your coupons in normal or best quality, instead of draft.

Q. Does Target offer rain checks? How do they work?

A. Target will issue rain checks on out-of-stock items, except gift card promotions. You can receive your rain check at customers service. Target rain checks expire 45 days after issue and are good on the item stated, unless otherwise noted.

Some rain checks are good on substitute items if you see the text "choose a substitute" at the bottom. With substitute item rain checks, you can select a similar, regular-priced item and get the same percent discount.

Sometimes, when an item is sold out, associates may place a tearpad or rain check notice where the item was on the shelf. Make sure to tear this tearpad slip off and take it to customer service to get your rain check. The tearpad slip is not a rain check!

Q. When does Target mark down products?

A. Target has a national markdown schedule. Watch the end caps of aisles for marked down, clearance, and discounted items. Mark downs take place every two weeks and items will continue to be marked down every two weeks until sold or reaches 75%. Target rarely marks non-holiday items lower than 75%.

Below is the full markdown schedule:

Monday: Electronics, Kids Clothing, & Stationary

Tuesday: Domestics, Women's Clothing, Pets, & Grocery

Wednesday: Men's Clothing, Toys, Health & Beauty, Lawn & Garden

Thursday: Housewares, Lingerie, Shoes, Sporting Goods, Movies, Music, Books, Decor, & Luggage

Friday: Auto, Cosmetics, Hardware, & Jewelry

Holiday are as follows (Christmas markdowns vary):

Post Holiday Day 1-3: 50% off

Post Holiday Day 4-6: 75% off

Post Holiday Day 7-8: 90% off

Q. What if I find a damaged product in Target? Can I get a discount on it?

A. Cashiers are authorized to mark down items 10% if damage is obvious.

Q. You’ve listed items on sale that aren’t included in my local circular. Does that mean they won’t be on sale at my store?

A. While Target’s sales are national, they release a few different circulars to different areas.  Most customers who live near a Target receive the standard circular, while those who live closer to a Super Target have additional sale notices that often include products only available in a Super Target store.  Plus, the Target online circular also includes a few additional sale items not listed in the circulars sent by mail or included in newspapers.  If your store carries the products listed on any of the sale circulars, then it should be on sale at your location, regardless of if the product listed in your local circular or not.  However, some of the actual sale prices, such as soda sales prices, do vary by region.

Q. The Target coupon says “limit 1 identical coupon per transaction”, but the deal you’ve listed uses two in the same transaction.  Is the deal wrong?

A. Target’s coupons do state “limit 1 identical coupon per transaction” in the fine print, so some cashiers and managers may inform you that you can only use one and would have to do multiple transactions to use multiple coupons.  However, Target allows local managers to override this fine print and accept two coupons (or sometimes more) coupons per transaction.  Most stores allow two Target coupons, since that is the “per computer” print limit for online Target coupons.  Please check with your local store to see what their policy is on using multiple identical Target coupons in a single transaction.