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Deal Seeking Mom
Join the Deal Seeking Mom Online Survey Panel, and you could earn as much as $15 per week or more by completing online surveys. There is absolutely no fee to join (please don't ever pay to join a survey panel!) and you may opt out of the panel at any time.

CampusFundraiser has made a number of changes and improvements to the user experience since you have last seen this program being offered:

  • You will now register as an individual, rather than a Group Member so there shouldn't be confusion as to who you are earning money for -- it's you!
  • You now have individual login screens so you no longer have to try to find your name on a list of thousands to see your standings.
  • Activity is now captured in detail so you can make sure you are being credited for your activity.
  • Payments are now captured by date so you know how much is available in your account.
  • Panelists can now request earnings via PayPal.
  • Top earners and special messages are now available on your login screens.

Because of CampusFundraiser's strict privacy policy, your information will not be shared with any 3rd party or the survey companies themselves. Everything will be filtered through CampusFundraiser themselves and come via email from [email protected] so as not to be confused with any other program you may be taking advantage of.

Please read through the following information for details on the survey program.

:: What types of survey offers will I receive?
:: How do I get started?
:: How do I get paid?

:: Types of survey offers

  • Invitation Survey: These will come every couple of days and provide you the opportunity to complete one survey. They will usually be titled Movie Survey or Need Women 25-35 to give participants some understanding of what type of survey may be inside. If you are qualified you move on to participate in the survey and will normally earn 50 market points, which translates to $1 but sometimes there are high value surveys available so pay attention to the details in the email. If you are not qualified, as in they are doing a survey on a men's razor and you put in you are a female, you will be "screened out" and will earn usually 4-5 market points or $0.08-$0.10 for the attempt. Pay close attention to the subject line or messaging as there will often be a clue as to what type of responses are being looked for.
  • CF Daily Survey: This will come to your email a few times a week but there is no need to wait for it's arrival! Copy and paste the link to your desktop and complete a survey every day. The survey pool or router will continue to offer you opportunities until you are able to actually complete a survey or the opportunities are out. If the latter happens, simply return to the link later in the day. There are no points offered in screening out of a daily survey and 35 market points ($0.70) offered for your regular Daily complete.
  • Daily 5 Survey: Another more lucrative opportunity that you can copy and paste to your desktop and complete up to 5 surveys per day! Again, there are no points for a screen out and 35 market points or $0.70 for each of the completed surveys. This opportunity informs you of the time involved in each survey (5 minutes-35 minutes) so you can easily decide to return later if you don't have the time.

**Taking advantage of all 3 opportunities CAN earn an individual $15 or more if they are completing the maximum a week or more (this will not be the case for everyone). Although this may not allow you to quit your job, will definitely pay for your coffee habit or a night out here and there! Taking Online Surveys can be a
frustrating experience for some people. Please only give it the time you are comfortable with to avoid this frustration.

We have testimonials from many users who have had a wonderful experience with this program and have also had feedback from those who did not and opted out of the program early, so as with anything, use your own discretion. However, the top earner in the Deal Seeking Mom panel has made over $400 since signing up in October!

Alane says: "I love the Campus Fundraiser program. There are plenty of surveys, and I feel like I get rewarded well for the time I invest in it. The people at Campus Fundraiser are really friendly and easy to work with. This is the best survey company I have worked with."

Christy says: "I have been doing these surveys only for a few months and have been very happy with it. Some days I don't qualify to do any surveys and then it says that there are currently no surveys available, but most days I qualify for a survey and it does not seem to take too long to take. The compensation seems reasonable and it seems to add up fairly quickly. I like being able to give my feedback at the end of most surveys and have the decision whether or not to take another survey. I also enjoy getting the bonus surveys when I qualify and get the extra market points!"

Kimberly says: "I was a little skeptical about participating in a survey program to earn a little extra cash, but decided to give it a
try since it was recommended by a reputable source. I started participating in surveys here and there when I had a free moment and before I knew it, I had reached the payout level. I am so glad I decided to give it a try. It's a great way to earn a few dollars at my convenience."

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:: How do I get started?

CLICK HERE and register your information to become a part of Deal Seeking Mom’s panel. The panel is currently open with no cut off at this time.

At the end of the registration process you will be given a username and password at the bottom of the last screen. Please save this for your records. You will need this when checking your account activity. The activity page is NOT "live". Activity will be reported back to CampusFundraiser by the survey companies every 1-7 days depending on
the company so do not panic if you do not see your points updated right away! To see your progress simply go to and click on View Your Account in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Use your login information here.

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:: How do I get paid?

Payouts can happen every time you reach $25 and are free via PayPal. A $25 payout via check incurs a $3 processing fee. If you would like to avoid the check fee, you can wait until you reach $50 in earnings to request a check.

REMEMBER, activity is updated as it is received (every 1-7 days) and will not be available "live."

Once you have registered, allow 48 hours to be uploaded into the panel to start receiving invitations. All opportunities will come to your email inbox throughout each week so there is nothing left for you to do.

Contact Maura Rijos at [email protected] with questions!

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Please note that CampusFundraiser is paying me a small amount for each survey completed in exchange for me helping them find trustworthy participants. This in no way affects what you earn per survey.