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ALDI Deals Week of 2/27/11

by Tara Kuczykowski on February 28, 2011 · 0 comments

Aldi deals vary regionally. The list below reflects my local ad in Columbus, Ohio.

Read more about Aldi's policies to make the most of these deals!

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:: Grocery

Stonemill Essentials Spices (0.5-7.25 oz.), $0.99

Tuscan Garden Stuffed Spanish or Large Pitted Ripe Olives (5.75-6 oz.), $0.99

Sweet Harvest or Fit & Active Sliced Peaches (29 oz.), $1.29

Millville Chewy Granola Bars (8.4 oz.), $1.49

Berryhill Pancake Syrup (12 oz.), $2.99

Millville Fruity or Cocoa Rice Cereal (13 oz.), $1.59

Millville Crispy Oats Cereal (14 oz.), $1.59

Honey Crunch 'n Oats Cereal (14.5 oz.), $1.79

Aunt Maple's buttermilk Pancake Mix (32 oz.), $1.49

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:: Bakery/Deli

L'oven Fresh Bagels (20 oz.), $1.39

:: Produce

Grapefruit (5-lb. bag), $1.49

Gala Apples (3-lb. bag), $1.99

Pineapple (large), $1.59

Naval Oranges (4-lb. bag), $1.99

Strawberries (16 oz.), $0.99

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:: Meat/Seafood

Grandessa Signature Center Cut Bacon (12 oz.), $2.99

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:: Refrigerated

Goldhen Eggs (doz.), $0.79

Happy Farms Whipped Cream Cheese (8 oz.), $1.39

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:: Frozen

Breakfast Best Pre-Cooked Pork Sausage Patties (32 oz.), $3.99

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:: Beverages

Friendly Farms Milk (gal.), $1.79

Nature's Nectar Orange Juice From Concentrate (64 oz.), $1.79

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:: Miscellaneous

8" Foliage, $4.99 (Available Wednesday, March 2)

Crofton Family size Electric Griddle (19"x15"), $27.99

Crofton Cordless Water Kettle (1.8 qts.), $12.99

Crofton Mini Chopper with Glass Bowl (4-cup), $14.99

Crofton Electric Skillet (3 qt.), $17.99

Kitchen Living Cook, Fry and Serve Pan, $19.99

Crofton 4-Slice Stainless Steel Toaster, $24.99

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