Learning to use coupons effectively is an integral part of the Deal Seeking Mom philosophy. You could actually be saving as much as 50% or more of your grocery bill on each trip! However, before you learn that you have to know where to find the best coupons.

Need help with the coupon abbreviations? Check out the coupon lingo quick reference guide.

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  • Magazines – You can find great money-saving coupons in magazines such as Better Homes and Gardens and Woman's Day, and even better, you can often find free subscriptions to these magazines online. The very best magazine for coupons is ALL YOU magazine. This magazine is only available at Walmart; however, I found a great deal where you can get 18 months for just $17.99. It's jam packed with coupons, and often there are coupons for free items, so the savings to be had more than defray the cost of the subscription.
  • Blinkies – Have you ever noticed those little machines in the grocery store with the flashing red lights that spit coupons out? If not, look for them next time you're walking up and down the aisles. In the couponing world these are called "blinkies," and they tend to be really good coupons. However, unless the item is on sale or is something you were planning to buy anyhow, don't be coerced into using them that day. Take just a few and stick them in your coupon keeper. Wait to use them until you find a great sale, which just might even be at another store. They're manufacturer's coupons, so they can be used anywhere.
  • Store coupons – Often stores offer their own coupons, as opposed to manufacturer coupons. Store coupons are actually "stackable," meaning you can use both a store coupon and a manufacturer's coupons on the same item. Pair this combination up with a great sale and you can save big! A good way to get store coupons is by signing up for store loyalty programs.
  • Newsletters – Many companies have newsletters that you can sign up for online. Often they will include great coupons in them because they know you're a customer that buys their products. Look up some of your favorite brands online and register with them to find these additional savings.
  • Contact the manufacturer directly – Many people contact manufacturers when they have an issue with a product, but it's also nice to contact them when you find a product that you really enjoy. Don't be afraid to ask if they would be willing to put you on their coupon mailing list. I've received some really nice coupons using this method.
  • Free samples –Manufacturers often include coupons in the free samples that they send out as an extra incentive for you to go out and purchase the product if you try it an like it. I personally LOVE it when companies do this, and it definitely increases the likelihood that I'll purchase a product in the future.  Company execs reading my site take note!
  • Item packaging – Before you toss the packages that products come in, scan them inside and out for coupons. I've found many coupons printed on the inside of boxes or even within the products themselves, and often you'll find "peelies," coupons that you peel off the packaging, on the outside of products.