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What’s In My Bag? #PONDSPLUS

by Tara Kuczykowski on June 9, 2014 · 0 comments

I love those features in magazines where you get an inside peek at the contents of a celebrity's purse. It's always so much fun to see the mix of items that they consider "must haves" -- isn't it?

So when POND'S invited me to do a "What's In My Bag" post, I was all for it! Of course, I definitely am not celebrity status, but I thought you might be a little curious to see what products I keep with me at all times. So here are the contents of my purse right now, along with a little background on why they're my faves...

Items pictured:

  • Pond's Original Fresh Wet Cleansing Towelettes -- Great for more than just removing makeup, these towelettes get skin deep clean PLUS instantly hydrate. I use them for cleaning up sticky hands, dirty and dusty faces after baseball, touching up wayward mascara, and soothing slight sunburns!
  • Travel Size Tweezers -- I always seem to spot an unruly brow or facial hair after I've left the house, so I tuck a pair of travel size tweezers into my bag. Also great for splinters!
  • Waterless Hand Purifier -- Gentler on your hands than an alcohol-based sanitizer, we go through a lot of this waterless variety year round.
  • Nail Emery Board -- Because nail snags almost never happen at home, right?
  • Hair Ties -- I have fairly long hair, as do both of my girls, and we often need to pull it back out of the way at sports or when we have the top down on our JEEP. I also use them to tie back too long tees!
  • Peppermint Gum -- Perfect for freshening breath, curbing hunger pangs, and as a bribe for good behavior in a pinch!
  • Stainless Steel Sharpie Marker -- I use these non-toxic markers to write my cell phone number on the inside of my younger kids' arms when we're in a crowded space, much cheaper than those temporary tattoos I used to purchase!
  • Cell Phone -- I think this goes without saying, my phone is my lifeline to my family and my work. Plus it's great entertainment when waiting in line!

Items not pictured:

  • Lanolin Balm for Lips -- Lanolin is the best, inexpensive moisturizer I've found for my lips!
  • Bright Pink Lip Tint -- Even if I don't have time to put on any other makeup, a bright pink lip tint brightens up my face and makes me look a little more polished!
  • Essential Oil Stress Relieving Roll-On -- Not only great for relieving stress, it serves as a pretty, feminine fragrance, and I've used it to soothe a bug bite in a pinch!
  • Sunglasses -- I rarely leave the house without my favorite sunglasses!
  • Simple, Healthy Snacks -- I always carry some kind of healthy snack in my bag, plus extras for sharing!

What are your must have items on the go? I'd love to hear about them!

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I'm thrilled to announce that I'm partnering with POND'S for the year as part of the POND'S Beauty Brigade to share how I've been able to PLUS UP my beauty routine with their timeless products!

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