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Walgreens to Cancel EasySaver Rebates Program

by Tara Kuczykowski on March 27, 2009 · 69 comments

I've been holding off on announcing this because the rumors were flying
and it wasn't clear what was true and what was speculation, but Lisa from
The Spot to Save shared with me an email that she received from Walgreens corporate recently that confirms that they are canceling the EasySaver rebates program as of May.

"Thank you for contacting us regarding our recent decision to evaluate the EasySaver program in its current form. Walgreens is always looking into the future. For this reason, we are looking at ways to revamp the rebate program to assist us in proceeding in an exciting direction. Although change is always intimidating we feel that it is time to develop a new loyalty program so we can offer our consumers new and improved services. You will continue to find the EasySaver Catalog in our stores through April. Please look for future advertisement regarding our new programs to come."

So at this point it's not clear if there is going to be a new program that will replace it. I've heard speculation that they will be amping up their Register Rewards promotions, but nothing has been confirmed.

Stay tuned for updates as we head into April and see if Walgreens starts to reveal their plans for the future!

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1 Jen March 28, 2009 at 1:53 pm

I'm interested to see what they come up with as well. I'm not lucky to have a CVS near me and they are my only option besides Riteaid, which doesn't really have good deals in my opinion.

I did want to make a comment about all the people that think that Walgreens is LOSING money by us couponers...they aren't losing money. They get reimbursed by the manufacturers for the coupons. Same for most RR's. They are reimbursed! So, just because I have very little out-of-pocket doesn't mean they didn't make money from me. I had a receipt recently where my coupons totalled $70 some-odd dollars. They will see those $70 dollars in their bank account after reimbursement. That is a sale that they wouldn't have had from me otherwise. I don't shop there "just cause". Walmart is cheaper on their everyday prices.

Plus, lets not forget all the people out there who buy the item because of the RR or Rebate sticker on the shelf and then never use the RR or claim the rebate. Wags is definately NOT hurting because of us couponers! I think they seriously need to consider drastically improving their customer service and any program that they do come out with.

And now to address the "manufacturers" paying for our free merchandise. I had been bothered by it for the first couple of months of couponing. I then read two articles that changed my mind on the matter. (I'm sorry I can't reference them for you! I don't remember where I read them at.)

#1) Retailers have realized that high-dollar coupons are actually cheaper for them in launching a new product or getting rid of an old one than sending out free samples or recalling unsold merchandise. It keeps their product lines going. And, hopefully hooks some customers into like a product and paying full price for it later.

#2) On every shelf in the store, there is "prime realestate". They are sweetspots so-to-speak. If an item is a poor seller, the stores don't want it on their shelves and the manufacturer won't be in business. It pays for the items to MOVE, just for the sake of moving.

I hope I made sense of this long comment. Happy Shopping!

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2 Priscilla March 28, 2009 at 9:18 pm

I've read many comments on the bad service received at WAGS. However,I just had to put in a good word for the three cashiers that work in the cosmetic department at my local WAGS who are super!!!! They are more than willing to help in any way and are always considerate of the customer. Even the manager has occasionally helped out. I've just being doing the RRs and ESR's for about a month and will be sorry to see it go. My friends and family are amazed at how much I save and I always say "I got it at Walgreens."


3 Katie March 29, 2009 at 1:51 am

I just want to say that I was always scared to get a gift card and get that extra 10% because I was afraid I wouldn't be able to use it the next month on my next rebate purchase. Then I find out I can and now it's going away (ESR). And I had no idea until last week that I could use an in-store coupon and a manufacturer's coupon at the same time. I'm always behind the times.

P.S. I have found that 90% of the staff at my local Walgreens are great. And the one time I had a bad experience with an under-trained employee the manager contacted me personally to apologize.


4 A.Marie March 29, 2009 at 8:03 am

I personally do not like the RR program. I went into Walgreens last month, and my RRs would not print. The manager gave me a form that would have my RRs sent to me through the mail. Well, guess what, it is now almost April, and still no RRs. I think I am going to start going to CVS instead. Walgreen's programs are just too confusing and complicated, and most of the cashiers are just too under-trained.


5 Marisa M March 29, 2009 at 5:51 pm

I am sad that they are getting rid of it! I use the rebates more than the RR's, but there is no CVS where I'm at, so Wags is where I shop for rebate stuff. I've never had any problem with them-- even when I did use the RRs.


6 Ann March 29, 2009 at 6:33 pm

RR does not work for me. It's too stressful that sometimes it doesn't print. THEN, it's not easy to use the coupon after (I have friends who met Wags cashier who refused to take the RR coupon because she doesn't know about it!!) ESR is nice when the items are good (or if they're in stock) What I'm hearing from this string of comments is the overiding view that the cashiers are not customer-friendly and do not know their work. I totally agree (very sadly) and I REALLY wish Walgreens know about this cos I LOVE their corporate service! The ppl in my local store makes almost every of my shopping trip quite upsetful and I'm going to stop going soon...


7 Mina March 30, 2009 at 12:47 am

It's possible that WAGs is feeling the pain from this program. If so, it's not the fault of those who legitimately use coupons, RRs, and ESRs. As Jen stated, those are reimbursed by the manufacturers who promote the products. Even though WAGs is reimbursed, it could still affect their bottom line because of poor internal practices, both those which cause customer dissatisfaction because of poor attitude and inadequate training of front line employees, and an economically inefficient setup for processing the ESRs.

I think the attitude within any store is set by the individual managers. Some stores give the impression that it's them against the customer, that the only thing that matters is the amount of actual cash and credit that leaves the customer's hand. Those are the ones that turn shoppers against an entire chain. Other stores are customer friendly. Those are the ones which build loyalty to both their individual stores and the company.


8 Hopefulone April 1, 2009 at 6:50 am

I'm not really worried about Walgreens ending the program. I started doing the rebates back with the VERY 1st one:) I'm really gonna miss it.

But they're not going to shoot themselves in the foot and lose costumers. My manager yesterday said it's being done away with to weed out the people that submit 5-6 rebates of the same item by having different addresses. Those people have been being monitored. (obviously if you pay them all on the same gift/credit card I would think there's a red flag...)

He also said that Couponers are JOB Security in these days.
I think we'll be happy with the new system.

Go Wags! Bring it on Wow Me:)

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9 Catherine April 1, 2009 at 1:08 pm

I'd have to add that the cashiers and staff at my local Wag's are super friendly. I rarely have problems shopping there, and the staff is very helpful. The mgr was stocking shelves one day when I was buying baby formula and he actually thanked me for my business and for buying formula at their store. I always went into Walgreen's because of the rebate and RR deals, but I always bought LOTS of other stuff there, too. I hope they have something good to replace the ESR program.


10 Katie April 2, 2009 at 3:12 pm

ILOVE Walgreens, and don;t want to see the Easysaver go. I go to 4 differant Walgreens in my town, and everybody is really nice and I've never had a problem using any coupons there. I called the Easysaver 800 # a few days ago b/c something I qualified for with my rebates had not come, and the girl on the phone told me she had not heard anything about them ending it. I don't like CVS, b/c you get Extracare bucks AFTER you pay, so you really are paying the full price, and you get a coupon on your receipt to use NEXT time. Usually, I find everything cheaper somewhere.


11 fern April 10, 2009 at 3:15 pm

This is a really big bummer. I wish i'd found out about the easy saver rebates sooner, but even so, i've been taking advantage of them for at least 2 years and i have quite a nice stockpile of free after rebate shampoos, conditioners, etc. etc. And yes, i did buy extra stuff there, mostly out of guilt.


12 T April 26, 2009 at 8:23 pm

Yes they are getting rid of the easysaver. Which is a good thing it cause alot of confusion for the customer. Seeing as how I have to clear up all the misunderstandings....usually a couple a night since people cant read. They will be offering alot of register rewards. Take for example this week you can get a rembrant toothpaste for free after register rewards. Also you can get a Bayer product for free. Also you can get one of the new Nivea body washes all for free. You pay the 3.00 bucks then a coupon will come out for 3.00 bucks off your next product. Take advantage people! I do


13 T April 26, 2009 at 8:30 pm

Yes they are getting rid of the easysaver. It creates alot of confusion for the customers who dont take the time to read it. There will be alot of free after register rewards. This week there is 3 or 4 items that are free after register rewards. You pay for the item and a coupon will come out that you can use towards your next purchase. Also you don't have to deal with mailing it in. The coupons do have expiration dates though that are usually 2 weeks to a 1 month from the day you buy the item. Coupons cant be used on tabacco, dairy, or prescriptions. Also the stores where told to order alot of the free after register rewards to help keep the customers who might leave since they stopped the easysaver program. So take advantage!


14 A.Marie April 27, 2009 at 6:47 am

T, you obviously are in-the-know about all of this concerning Walgreens, so tell me this; what happens when the catalina machine isn't working, therefore the RR doesn't print, and I have to call customer service, have them send me a form, fill out the form and include a copy of the register receipt, then send it off and wait, and wait, and wait and wait (you get the picture!) for a RR that NEVER COMES! I am STILL waiting on TWO RRs, from February, that have never arrived. So, my question is this: how in the world does that make my life easier? Because, for example, if I buy the Nivea and pay out-of-pocket, and the machine doesn't print the RR for $3.00 off my next purchase, and then the RR that I now have to send away for never comes in the mail, then technically, this was NOT a free item. I just think it is a way for Walgreens to get customers in and not reward them for their loyalty.


15 T April 27, 2009 at 6:58 pm

If the machine dosent work call the manager. If the manger trys another register and the coupon still dosent print....then just return the item there. Trust me its not worth the hassle. Also even though it was purchansed in Feb. if you still have the receipt you can bring it to any store and try and return it...if the assistant on duty wont do it then ask to speak to the store manager. Tell the situation to the store manager if he isnt willing to return it then threaten to complain to corporate and he/she will return it. When the coupon dosent print that means there is something wrong in the system. This as far as I know has only happend a couple of times. Since the program started. if i was the manager i would just give you the money for the item but still let you keep the item for all the b.s. and waiting you had to go through ( but then again I'm all about customer satisfaction if its within reason!)


16 Kim Stephenson May 1, 2009 at 7:36 pm

I am VERY disappointed to hear that the rebate program is going away. I cannot stand the program at CVS, I have lost too much money by the expiration dates on those dumb register coupons, and for that reason, I have avoided CVS, and have shopped at Walgreens. I wish they would just put your "register rewards" on a gift card, that way, they won't expire, and it's handy in your wallet whenever you need it, no hunting for the right coupon needed. This is the only solution that I could see being better than the easy saver rebate program, because then the customer wouldn't have to wait weeks and weeks for a reward. Just a thought.


17 barbie June 4, 2009 at 12:46 pm

the only walgrrens with a decentoharmacy program is the walgreens on haganranch road 7431watlantic ave delraybeach fl;thanks to the manager mr. wang. the other walgreens are awfull on their other location on west atlantic ave ; ther eis usually one tpharmist on call and not a regular one at that ; they float and work long hours without a break; the pharmacy technicians are for the most part poorly trained and even have a difficult time speaking english; frankly if it were not for free delivery at my store forget it. the wait for a medication especially an emergency one can take at least an hour at times ; there is one spanish speaking pharmist at mine who is plain rude.


18 Denise October 5, 2009 at 9:07 pm

In central Florida, Easy Saver has been gone since before July. Now it's worse. The wording on RR's is so confusing, at each store, the employees make up their own rules - which change daily. When I complain to corporate, they say they have no official coupon policy! After being yelled at several times, I just stopped shopping there. I wish they would start a new program - it's been a long time coming.


19 JayBolo November 1, 2009 at 7:50 pm

I've noticed that with the economy has different types of companies start up an easysaver program on their website. Sounds like everyone is doing some sort of spin now to keep up with the slowing sales.


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