Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Deal Seeking Mom Valentine's Day Gift Guide
Welcome to the Deal Seeking Mom Valentine's Day Gift Guide.

I've handpicked some great, unique gifts this year for men, women and children, and I'm excited to share them with you, many with exclusive coupon codes because I know you love a great deal as much as I do!

Gifts for Children

Ecozoo Bags from EcogearEcozoo Bags by Ecogear
I just think these Ecozoo Bags are so adorable! They're soft, just the right size for my little man, and made from organic cotton. When we opened the box, my two year old immediately stuffed his blue elephant full of his favorite toys and trusty blanket and proclaimed that he was "goin' school" like his older brothers.

More About Ecogear
The inspiration for the Ecogear line of eco-friendly bags came from the founder's desire to help ensure that his children would have a clean and healthy planet to enjoy when they grew up. All of their bags are made with planet-friendly organic cotton, PVC-free materials, recycled plastics and toxic-free dyes and components so you can feel good about your purchase.

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Hexbug NanoHexbug Nano
The Hexbug Nanos were an absolute hit in our house, and I have to admit that I found them to be fascinating as well. They truly mimic the way real bugs move -- in fact it's a little creepy! They swarm around, flip on their sides, and right themselves again. My kids had a blast chasing them around, so much so that we had to go buy a few more so they could each have one!

More About Innovation First, Inc.
Innovation First, Inc. was founded on the belief that innovation very early in the design process is necessary to produce simple and elegant designs. They have become an industry leader in robotics, and the Hexbug line of products brings robotics into more consumers' homes with these micro robotic creatures that are both fun and affordable.

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Lovebug Hug Piggy Paint Gift PackPiggy Paint Lovebug Hug Set
My two little princesses adore their Piggy Paint nail polish. They've always wanted to have "pink toes" like mommy, but I've been a little concerned about using regular nail polish on them, especially on their fingers knowing they bite them sometimes. Knowing that Piggy Paint is non-toxic makes me feel good, and they have a fabulous array of colors. My girls have already requested that I buy a few more so they can now have "rainbow toes!"

More About Piggy Paint
Melanie Hurley founded Piggy Paint as an alternative to traditional flammable nail polishes. She wanted to create a nail polish that she could feel good about even when her daughters inevitably stuck their fingers in their mouths, and this "natural as mud" polish fit the bill.

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Gifts for Men

Ohio State Buckeyes Grill TopperThe Grill Topper
College sports fans will love these Grill Toppers and Grill Gloves. My husband was beyond thrilled with his Ohio State Buckeyes toppers and insisted that we have burgers and hot dogs for dinner just so we could try them out -- never mind that it was 26 degrees outside. They worked like a charm!

More About Designcast Specialties
Designcast Specialties focuses on fun, innovative, high-quality, and value-priced products as the backbone of their business. Their focus on customer service and innovation makes them stand out from the competition.

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WiFirehField Technologies' Wi-Fire
Know someone that travels frequently? Then the Wi-Fire could just be the perfect gift for them. I know I've stayed at many hotels where the WiFi connection is absolutely abysmal unless you're right next to the access point. The WiFire amps up any wireless Internet connection, boosting the range to up to 1,000 feet!

More About the Wi-Fire
The Wi-Fire uses a powerful directional antenna, highly sensitive receiver and proprietary software to find and enhance normal WiFi signals. And the newest generation Wi-Fire is 40% smaller, and 30% lighter, but still delivers an extra punch over its predecessor.

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Canterbury Naturals Dark Chocolate Peppermint Truffle MixCanterbury Naturals Chocolate Peppermint Truffle Mix
Even the most kitchen-challenged lady can treat her sweetie to a homemade indulgence with this Canterbury Naturals Dark Chocolate Truffle Mix. Just add milk and butter to the truffle mix, microwave, roll in crushed peppermint, and refrigerate. It was so simple and easy -- and delicious too!

More About Canterbury Naturals
The Canterbury Naturals line of specialty baking mixes, soup mixes, spice blends and dressing mixes features all natural ingredients with no trans fats, hydrogenated oils, colorings or preservatives. As part of the Canterbury brand, they offer simple, upscale and affordable gourmet foods for everyday cooking, special occasions and gift giving.

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Accessories and Jewelry

Capturing Couture Red Organza WristletCapturing Couture Red Organza Wristlet Camera Strap
This Capturing Couture Red Organza Wristlet is so unique and pretty! It's such an attention getter, and I've received tons of compliments on it. I had no idea that you could purchase such beautiful camera wrist and neck straps, but now that I do, I'll definitely be purchasing another neck strap for my digital SLR.

More About Capturing Couture
Capturing Couture was founded by two working moms with obsessive creative passion, spirited ambition and a fearless work ethic to make magic happen. They started exploring a fashionably familiar yet ultimately unknown path to celebrate the artist within us all.

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AfterSoles and CitySlipsCitySlips and AfterSoles
Like many women, I love wearing high heels, but inevitably after a few hours of dancing, I'm ready to take them off because my feet start hurting. CitySlips and AfterSoles are the perfect solution. They fold up compactly enough to fit in the smallest of purses, so you can just whip them out and slip them on -- instant comfy footwear anywhere!

More About CitySlips and AfterSoles
Susie Levitt and Katie Shea developed the concept for CitySlips while living in New York City and attending NYU. With drive and determination, the pair consulted friends, professors and established professionals to make their vision a reality during their senior year of college.

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I Am Loved Silver Disk NecklaceHip Fusion Designs I Am Loved Silver Disc Necklace
I'm in love with my I Am Loved silver disk necklace from Hip Fusion Designs. It's simple and pretty, yet each one is unique due to the process by which they're made. Plus it coordinates well with just about every outfit in your closet. I especially like the additional details near the clasp giving a little extra appeal when wearing your hair up. These would make a great gift for moms, wives, or daughters to remind them just how much they're loved each time they wear it.

More About Hip Fusion Designs
Neida Joseph-Abel designs hip, handcrafted jewelry incorporating fused metal clay and dichroic glass elements. She considers every piece to be a work of wearable art that captures her customers' individual personalities.

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Isabelle Grace Signature Mini TagsIsabelle Grace Jewelry Signature Mini Tags
I've mentioned before that I have a bit of a thing for stamped jewelry, and my Isabelle Grace Signature Mini Tags necklace is no exception. This piece has a unique twist though, because the tags each have a tiny cubic zirconium gemstone. I used my first initial and my husband's first initial, and added a tiny heart tag and a hanging gemstone that represents the month we were married in. I love wearing this custom piece not only for its beauty, but for the representation behind it.

More About Isabelle Grace Jewelry
Isabelle Grace Jewelry is handmade in Dartmouth, Massachussetts. Each piece is expertly crafted with your special message, names, inspiration using only the highest quality materials to create pieces that celebrate family, children, love and marriage.

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More Gifts for Women Long-Stemmed Long-Stemmed Roses
Sure it's a little cliche, but a bouquet of roses just screams Valentine's Day. Surprise her with a bouquet of eco-friendly grown roses from California Blooms this year! Their roses are hand-selected and cut and shipped to her doorstep within 24 hours. I was very impressed with the great care taken in packaging my bouquet, and the roses really did look just as beautiful after a week.

More About
California Blooms has partnered with a family-owned farm that's been growing roses for over seven generations and has become one of the most highly decorated and world renowned growers of hydroponic roses. The farm's growing philosophy and techniques are focused on the art and hands-on experimentation of growing individual flowers and not producing mass quantities of generic roses in order to provide the finest and freshest roses available.

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Diptyque (RED) CandleDiptyque (RED) Candle
If you visit my house, you can pretty much expect to always find a pretty scented candle burning. My tastes tend to lean towards the higher end when it comes to candles, just because quality candles tend to burn more cleanly, evenly, and be more highly scented. I love these Diptyque (RED) candles for all of these reasons, not to mention red is my accent color of choice in my kitchen. Even my husband likes the scent of these, and he's hard to please when it comes to fragrances.

More About Product (RED)
The Product (RED) movement has become a powerful force in fighting the AIDS epidemic in Africa and saving lives. (RED) purchases have impacted the lives of more than 4,000,000 people, and every dollar donated by the participating companies goes straight to Africa to provide lifesaving antiretroviral drugs to someone dying of AIDS.

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10% of every candle purchase goes to fight AIDS in Africa!

Crush on You by Inner Pieces GalleryCrush on You by Inner Pieces Gallery
My husband is always telling me we need to find more unique wall hangings, and this Crush on You piece by Inner Pieces definitely fits the bill. It's not too cutesy, and the craftmanship is beautiful. It's a fun and unusual piece, and I love that it displays our commitment to each other for all who visit our home (because of course I had our initials put on it). Now I just have to figure out where to hang it...

More About Inner Pieces Gallery
Inner Pieces Gallery specializes in this unique dimensional artwork called Lacuna Decor, creating beautiful personalized pieces that catch the eye and transform negative space into beautiful images through a one-of-a-kind process exclusive to their creations.

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Strawesome Red Heart StrawStrawesome Red Heart Valentine's Straw
I was excited to check out Strawesome's product, mainly because I thought they might make a great gift for my mom who insists on using a straw for every drink. I'm happy to say I was totally pleased with the Red Heart Valentine's Straw and then some! Strawesome's glass straws are beautiful, unique, and I love that they have a lifetime guarantee. That alone gives me the courage to consider buying one for each of my kids as well.

More About Strawesome
Strawesome is a Michigan-based company with a commitment to health and the environment. They design, produce and sell unique, limited edition glass drinking straws in fresh and funky designs. And each straw is made from the strongest glass on the market and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

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Disclosure: All featured listings in the gift guide include a personal review from me. I received free samples in order to complete my reviews, but the opinions expressed are 100% my own!