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It's no secret that we keep things low key around here when it comes to Easter baskets... Longtime readers may recall that I took quite a bit of flak a few years ago when I shared the budget-friendly Easter basket that I built for my kids to share!

Yes, it still blows my mind that there were some readers who were appalled that I "forced" my five kids to SHARE a single Easter basket, but I can assure you that they were NOT scarred for life when they all came tumbling downstairs on Easter morning. In fact, as soon as they found all of the plastic eggs hidden throughout the house, they were beside themselves to get their shoes on and head outside to play with the bubbles, bouncy balls and sidewalk chalk. Not one. single. complaint...

Oreo Dirt Cups

Carrot Patch Oreo Dirt Cups

It's not just Easter, though -- we lean heavily toward gifts that spark creativity and imagination and family activities for all holidays that we celebrate. Example, just last week we made these cute "carrot" strawberries and turned them into Carrot Patch Oreo Dirt Cups. I'm pretty sure that the time we spent together creating and making messes, while talking and laughing, will stick with them for years to come.

Before we made them, my kids and I stopped by Walmart after soccer practice to pick up a few ingredients we needed. We ended up in the Easter section to pick up the Wilton Orange Candy Melts, so we took a look around. They really have some very cool items stocked right now!

Some of my favorite finds:

While I was drawn to the wide selection of willow, bamboo and woodchip baskets (starting at $7.98), my younger kids headed straight for the licensed character Easter baskets pictured above. I can't say that I'm surprised, since they feature some of their favorite characters, like Frozen, Transformers, and Disney Princess.

We contemplated picking up one of the Spraytastic! egg decorating kits, but we had so much fun making these Rubber Cement Dyed Easter Eggs, that we'll probably use that technique again.

I may sneak back to get a box of those cupcake candy-filled "eggs" for my girls, and I'll admit to tossing a package of the Sour Patch Bunnies in my basket. What can I say? I'm not really big on candy, but Sour Patch Kids are totally my weakness...

Peeps Taste Test Easter Basket

I also ended up tossing several packages of Peeps into my cart after my kids came up with this idea for a Peeps Taste Test Easter basket. Even though I *really* try to limit the amount of candy that we bring into our home (ahem, perhaps I should have left the Sour Patch Bunnies on the shelf), after seeing the large assortment of flavors, they started chatting about how much fun it would be to do a blind taste test and guess the flavors -- especially once they saw the Mystery Peeps (a Walmart exclusive)! Their enthusiasm was contagious, so I caved.

Since a package of Peeps is only a dollar, this is a really budget friendly idea. We had a sleep mask at home that we used as a blindfold, but you could also tuck an inexpensive color-coordinating bandana into the basket.

They set everything for the taste test up themselves and asked me to videotape it, so I got to witness the fun firsthand. I'll warn you it's a little long, but I thought I'd share the results with you:

I'm sure you're probably wondering just what flavor are the Mystery Peeps? And the truth is, we're not sure! Everyone in the family tried them, and we all agreed they're pretty fruity -- but the actual flavor varied from fruit punch to strawberry to cherry. Hopefully we won't have to wonder for long -- I have it on authority that Peeps will be revealing the flavor on national TV sometime before Easter. Let me know if you see the announcement!

Whether you want to build this Peeps basket or have your own ideas, Walmart has all of the hottest Easter offerings at everyday low prices!

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March is Women's History month, so now is the perfect time to share with you an initiative that Walmart has been working on for the last three years. Aimed at improving the lives of women around the world, one piece of the global Women’s Economic Empowerment initiative is to source $20B from women owned companies by FY17!

I don't know about you, but this makes me one happy mama... I've talked before about how I intentionally chose somewhat gender neutral names for my two girls -- a choice that was not without some criticism when they were younger, although it seems to be less of an issue these days. I want my girls to grow up to be strong and confident women, without any arbitrary limitations based on their gender, and I'm grateful that Walmart has taken up this cause to assist in providing them with boundless opportunities when they're older.

In honor of Women’s History month, Walmart is featuring 6 different items in stores that are manufactured by women-owned companies:

  • Milo's Sweet Tea (Family business, all natural ingredients)
  • Budget Saver Popsicles
  • CLR Remover (chemicals safe for the environment)
  • Smart & Sexy Bra (CEO is mother of 7)
  • Carter's Infant Shoes
  • Hefty Trashcan

In addition to these six items, you can also find more than 10,000 additional items online and in stores that are women owned. Just look for the Women Owned badge to identify them.

I'm currently crushing on the gorgeous jewelry line from Miss Zoe by Calinana. Just take a look at some of my favorite pieces above -- I already ordered the teardrop necklace and bracelet! Not only is this stunning line owned and designed by Ainat Altarac, but each piece is 100% handcrafted in the USA.

Fun Facts About Women-Owned Businesses

  • A women-owned company is a company that is at least 51% owned by women and also ran by a woman!
  • Women-owned businesses contribute over $1.3 trillion dollars to the US economy.
  • Women are responsible for over 80 percent of the consumer decisions globally.
  • Creating awareness of these products can result in sales growth, increased consumer knowledge and loyalty.
  • The majority of Walmart's 250 billion customers globally are women.

I hope that next time you're shopping at Walmart (or on, you'll look for these women-owned items to support this initiative!

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As with so many preteen boys, my boys are avid gamers, disappearing to their room for hours on end to play online matches with each other and their friends on their Xbox Ones. Things can get a little rowdy and loud up in there, especially since they got new gaming headphones for Christmas and don't realize just how vocal they're being, so I often just shut their door to block out the noise and let them be.

They also asked for gaming chairs for Christmas, but that was one gift they didn't find under the tree on Christmas morning -- mainly because I just couldn't find a good option that fit their bedroom...

The placement makes taking a photo extremely awkward, but basically they have an awesome set of triple bunkbeds that fit into the corner of the room, with a double bunk on one side and a single loft on the other, both meeting up in the corner. It's the perfect option that allows them to have friends sleep over. Unfortunately, it also eats up a lot of space in their room and makes for some unique decorating challenges.

You might recognize the teal chevron chair above from previous posts. It originally lived in our great room and was later moved to my girls' room. After the girls received a lounging couch as their Christmas gift, one of my boys asked if he could use it in his room. As you can see, it's definitely seen better days, but it's served its purpose for now. My other boy has been using the gray beanbag (that's also seen much better days) under the loft area where his TV is set up.

When I saw that Walmart is having a Kids' Rollback Event online, I figured that I'd take a look to see if I could find them some chairs that looked a little more masculine and would fit their cramped quarters.

I was excited to find this awesome chair that featured a drink holder, pocket and easy-carry handle -- but then I was pretty bummed to find out that the color options I was hoping for were out of stock. If you're looking for emerald, red or zebra print, though, definitely check that one out!

However, I did find another chair made by the same manufacturer that looks to be almost the exact same thing, minus the drink holder and pocket. These features weren't deal breakers for me, so I ordered two of the Big Joe Club 1 Chairs in the Patriot Blue Color. The squishy beanbag-like construction should make it easy to cram into their tight quarters, and the color should blend in well with their bunk beds.

I gave my boys a heads up that a couple of chairs were on their way, and they are SO excited for them to arrive! They should be here Thursday, so I'll come back to add a little update on their thoughts after actually trying them to this post then.

In the meantime, if you're looking to updated your kids' bedrooms, play areas or bathrooms on a budget, definitely check out the Walmart Kids' Rollback Event. There are some really cute items available at a discount right now!

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Win A Windows Nextbook 10.1 Tablet Valued at $199!

by Tara Kuczykowski on January 25, 2015 · 117 comments

Now that all five of my kids are in school, coordinating computer time in the evenings can get a bit tricky when they all have online homework. My laptop is off limits (they've had one too many accidents to be trusted with it), and the designated kid laptop is currently in need of repair (see?!?).

Which leaves my only my husband's laptop to be shared among the five, inevitably leading to a lot of arguing. They do have iPad Minis, but without a keyboard, they don't play well with the websites my kids are using to complete their work... When a Windows representative emailed to ask if I'd be interested in trying out one of the new Nextbook 10.1 tablets, it was a no brainer!

Featuring a detachable POGO keyboard, the 2-in-1 Nextbook Windows tablet is perfect for my kids' homework needs. It's actually also perfect for the activities my husband uses a computer for, namely email, Internet searches and YouTube videos. Priced at $179 currently, it's an incredible value -- plus it comes with a free one year subscription for Office 365 Personal, which includes 1TB of OneDrive cloud storage, and 60 Skype world minutes per month.

Larger than my kids' iPad Minis, the Nextbook 10.1 Tablet is probably more on par with the full size iPad. I was a little surprised by how heavy it is in comparison, but at the same time, it's nice to have a tablet that feels more sturdy.

The screen resolution is great, and the keyboard is very comfortable to type on. The keyboard removes effortlessly, taking the Nextbook from netbook to tablet quickly and easily, and 32GB of memory is gives you enough space to download a multitude of apps and/or media.

The Nextbook 10.1 Tablet features include:

  • 10.1” 1280 x 800 IPS screen with capacitive multi-touch and expanded viewing angles
  • Windows 8.1 Operating System
  • Quad-Core Intel® AtomTM Processor (2M cache, up to 1.83 GHz); 1GB DDR3L system memory
  • 32GB internal storage; expandable via microSD card up to 64GB
  • Bluetooth 4.0 and WiFi 802.11 b/g/n connectivity options
  • Front webcam and 2 megapixel back camera with microphone
  • Micro USB port, mini HDMI port, audio jack
  • Preloaded software including Nook for Windows 8

All in all, I think the Nextbook 10.1 Tablet is a great option for families with school-aged children. The Windows Nextbook 10.1 Tablet should be able to keep up with all of your needs, and the storage is easily expandable via a microSD card up to 64GB as your needs increase.

Note that the Nextbook 10.1 Tablet is out of stock online right now but can still be purchased in store at Walmart.


I'm so thrilled to share that Windows has provided me with a Nextbook 10.1 Tablet to give away to one lucky Deal Seeking Mom reader!


Windows Nextbook 10.1 Tablet (ARV $199.99)

Follow the instructions in the widget below to be entered to win...

This post is brought to you by Windows. All opinions are 100% mine.


Tax time is not my favorite time of the year... While I no longer file our taxes myself, I remember the days of using TurboTax all too well -- as well as the angst of wondering if I'd done everything correctly. I'd agonize over hitting the submit button, knowing that having to correct anything after the fact would be even more nerve wracking.

Luckily there are many affordable professional tax filing services available these days, including several conveniently housed right within your local Walmart store. Tax professionals from Jackson Hewitt and Liberty Tax will be in select stores to help you prepare and file your taxes quickly and accurately, giving you peace of mind while ensuring that you maximize your tax refund.

You know I'm all about saving time and money, and this service does both! You can choose to file online, schedule an appointment, walk in or even just drop off your tax documents -- a total win for busy moms and dads.

Bonus Offers for Tax Prep with Walmart

In addition to the time and money savings, you can also get a little something extra when filing your taxes through Walmart by taking advantage of one or more of the gift card bonus offers below:

  • Jackson Hewitt $20-$50 Walmart eGift Card -- Jackson Hewitt is offerin two gift card options through March 31st. Get a $20 Walmart eGift Card when you file online, or get a $50 Walmart eGift Card when you file in store.
  • Liberty Tax $50 Cash -- Liberty Tax is offering $50 in cash when you file via their tax prep services.
  • Liberty Tax $50 Refer-a-Friend Bonus -- Liberty Tax is also going one step further and will give you another $50 in cash when you refer a friend to their services. See a Liberty Tax professional for details.
  • $10 Bluebird Bonus -- Open a new Bluebird Account and elect to have you electronic income tax refund direct deposited to your account to receive a $10 bonus.

Walmart Direct2Cash Cash Pickup Option for Tax Refunds

In addition to Walmart's tax preparation services and bonus offers, they've also just launched a first-of-its-kind option that will allow consumers to "skip the check" and pick up your tax refunds in cash. This new option, called Walmart Direct2Cash is available nationwide now. More details here.

Visit the Walmart Tax Prep Services page for more details on all of these promotions, as well as helpful tax time tips and advice.

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