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My Fantastic $15 CVS Shopping Trip

by Tara Kuczykowski on October 1, 2009 · 54 comments

Deal Seeking Mom $15 CVS Trip
I headed to CVS this morning to film a new Watch Me Score! segment for WalletPop, and I had such a fantastic trip that I wanted to give you all a sneak preview of my savings!

I got everything you see here for . . . $15.55, including tax!!! AND I have $10 in ECBs from the P&G deal this week to spend on my next shopping trip.

I was lucky enough to find a stack of the Reinventing Beauty magazine inserts on the newspaper rack, so I was able to get all of the Fruitopia and Viologie shampoo and conditioner pictured free after coupons! Note that the coupons do state one per customer, which I did not realize prior to checking out. But the manager was gracious enough to make an exception for me this time.

Here's what I got:

(3) Tide Stain Release Liquid at $4 ea. (reg. $4.49)
(3) Tide Stain Release Gel Packs at $4 ea. (reg. $4.49)
(1) Dawn Dishwashing Liquid at $1 (reg. $1.99)
(3) Mom's Best Oatmeal at $1 ea.
(2) CVS AA Batteries at $2.99 (BOGO)
(6) Chunky Soup at $3.19 (BOGO)
(4) Cheerios Single Serve Bowls at $1 ea.
(2) Fruitopia Shampoo at $1.99 ea. (reg. $3.99)
(2) Fruitopia Conditioner at $1.99 ea. (reg. $3.99)
(2) Viologie Shampoo at $1.99 ea. (reg. $3.99)
(2) Viologie Conditioner at $1.99 ea. (reg. $3.99)

And here's how I did it:
(1) $5/$25 CVS purchase coupon
(1) FREE Tide Stain Release coupon (from BlogHer)
(3) $1.50/1 Tide Stain Release (from various magazines)
(2) $1/1 Tide Stain Release (from in-store machine)
(1) $0.25/1 Dawn, exp. 10-31-09 (P&G 9/27/09)
(3) $0.75/1 Mom’s Best Naturals printable
(3) FREE Chunky Soup coupon (can't recall where came from)
(4) $1/1 Cheerios printable
(4) $2/1 Fruitopia coupons (Reinventing Beauty Magazine)
(4) $2/1 Viologie coupons (Reinventing Beauty Magazine)

Retail price on everything before sales and coupons was $91.97! I paid just $15.55 (including tax) after coupons, and I received $10 in ExtraCare Bucks to use on a future transaction!!!

How did you do at CVS this week?

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1 jaime October 10, 2009 at 3:58 pm

I would think OOP means just that...when you open your wallet and take money out, you are paying money out of your own pocket to purchase the product. You are right, you can't figure it twice, since your friend will use the RR at another time. Now maybe next time her OOP will be nothing, but for now I say you win.


2 missy October 10, 2009 at 4:28 pm

Jaime, thank you. My friend and I have a friendly "competition" going, and she always seems to get the BEST deals. But one day when we were discussing one of her shopping trips, she mentioned her money spent and then said "but when you figure in my extra bucks I got back, my out of pocket was only....". I pointed out to her the meaning of out of pocket, but a heated discussion ensued and I dropped the subject. We both agreed to ask an "expert" and would abide by whatever they said.


3 Tawana October 12, 2009 at 12:34 am

I just watched the video you did for and really enjoyed seeing a fellow CVS shopper like myself.

Some of the comments made on the Wallet Pop Blog kind of got under my skin. Unfortuantely, some of those bloggers do not understand the concept of using coupons. The store gets reimbursed for the face value plus an additional 8 cents which means they make more money when you use coupons.

Applause to you for your savy way of shopping. You Rock!!!


4 Tara Kuczykowski October 12, 2009 at 3:48 am

I agree, Missy. Out of pocket is what you actually spend on that transaction. So if you pay with ECBs to reduce your transaction, that's fine. It's what you actually pay in cash or credit, but I would not count ECBs earned in that transaction on the current purchase.

Thanks, Tawana. It's sad how downright nasty and rude some people can be. I'd hardly say we're trying to scam anyone! We're simply smart shoppers.


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