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  • Meijer Customer Service -- 1-877-363-4537
  • Email feedback to Meijer Corporate Headquarters

:: Coupon Policy

Meijer accepts the following types of coupons:

  • Valid Meijer-issued coupons
  • Manufacturer coupons

The following are guidelines and limits:

  • Only one manufacturer coupon and one Meijer coupon for the same item will be accepted (unless prohibited).
  • Mealbox coupons are considered Meijer coupons.
  • We accept all valid internet coupons. See store for details.
  • We reserve the right to limit quantities.
  • If the value of the coupon is more than the price of the item after discounts or coupons are applied, the value of the coupon will be applied up to the price of the item.
  • We do not apply the excess value of a coupon to the order total if the value of the coupon is over the price of the item after discounts or coupons are applied.
  • Only coupons for products carried in our stores will be accepted.
  • All coupons should be given to the cashier while you're checking out and cannot be applied to a previous purchase.

:: FAQs for Shopping Meijer

Q. Why are my Meijer prices higher than the prices you list?
A. Meijer's prices vary by region, even by store within the same area, but generally they are reasonably close to the listed price.

Q. Does Meijer accept Internet printable coupons?
A. Meijer does accept Internet printable coupons. You may find it helpful to print out and carry a copy of the Meijer corporate coupon policy with you.

Q. Does Meijer double coupons?
A. Meijer does double coupons; however, the implementation varies by region. Stores in Central Ohio double up to $0.99 with a limit of two like coupons per transaction. The final prices in the Meijer coupon matchups on Deal Seeking Mom reflect this policy.

Q. Does Meijer offer price matching?
A. Meijer does not generally offer price matching.

Q. Does Meijer offer rainchecks on out of stock items?
A. Meijer offers rainchecks when items are out of stock, unless otherwise indicated. Meijer rainchecks can be obtained at the checkout or customer service desk and are valid for one month from the date of issue.