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Hobbies, Comics & Games Magazine Sale Starting as Low as Only $4.50/year

by Tara Kuczykowski on January 26, 2013 · 0 comments

Today's sale features some unique magazine titles that we don't see very often, at really low prices!

You can see all of the titles here, magazines include:

Comics Category

Looney Tunes (1yrs: $12.99, 2yrs: $25.98)
MAD (1yrs: $12.99, 2yrs: $25.98, 3yrs: $38.97)
Green Lantern (1yrs: $12.99)
Batman & Robin (1yrs: $12.99)
Green Lantern Corps (1yrs: $12.99)
Justice Society Of America (1yrs: $12.99)
Supergirl (1yrs: $12.99)
Superman (1yrs: $12.99)
Teen Titans (1yrs: $12.99)
Wonder Woman (1yrs: $12.99)
Green Arrow (1yrs: $12.99)
Scooby-Doo, Where Are You? (1yrs: $12.99)
Young Justice (1yrs: $12.99)
Aquaman (1yrs: $12.99)
Batman: The Dark Knight (1yrs: $12.99)
Catwoman (1yrs: $12.99)
Games (1yrs: $10.99)
Games World of Puzzles (1yrs: $10.99)
Dell Official Word Search Puzzles (1yrs: $10.99)
Blue Ribbon Crosswords Special (1yrs: $10.99)
Architectural Digest (1yrs: $4.50, 2yrs: $9.00, 3yrs: $13.50)
Artnews (1yrs: $7.99, 2yrs: $15.98, 3yrs: $23.97)
Country Woman (1yrs: $7.99, 2yrs: $15.98, 3yrs: $23.97, 4yrs: $31.96)
Family Handyman (1yrs: $4.99, 2yrs: $9.98, 3yrs: $14.97, 4yrs: $19.96)
Outdoor Photographer (1yrs: $4.99, 2yrs: $9.98, 3yrs: $14.97)
Woodcraft (1yrs: $7.99, 2yrs: $15.98)
American Photo (1yrs: $4.50, 2yrs: $9.00, 3yrs: $13.50)
Popular Photography (1yrs: $4.99, 2yrs: $9.98, 3yrs: $14.97)
Digital Photo (1yrs: $4.99, 2yrs: $9.98, 3yrs: $14.97)
Arts & Crafts Homes (1yrs: $6.99, 2yrs: $13.98, 3yrs: $20.97)

No coupon code needed, this sale will end on Sunday, January 27th, 2012 at midnight (est).

You can purchase a subscription for yourself, gift subscriptions for others and/or also to renew an existing subscription.

See another magazine you'd like to purchase? You can always use coupon code DEALSEEKINGMOM to save an additional 20% off of any other magazine subscription.

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