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CVS Deals Week of 8/23/09

by Tara Kuczykowski on August 22, 2009 · 24 comments

Here's the best of what I see for this week. I'm pretty sure my math is right, but I'm a little hazy with all the prescriptions I'm taking, so please let me know if I screwed something up! Did you find anything good that I missed?

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:: 3-Day Deals – Sunday Through Tuesday Only

Caliber or CVS Brand Composition Book, $.99
Get $0.99 ECBs (limit 2)

FREE after ECBs!

Paper Mate Mechanical Pencils (5-10 ct.), 2/$1

Maybelline Mascara, psa $7.49 (BOGO)
– Colossal Volum’ Express
– XXL Extensions
– XXL Curl Power Mascara

$1/1 Maybelline Mascara, exp. 8-31-09 (RP 8/2/09)
$2.75 ea. after coupons!

:: ECB Deals

Carefree Ultra Protection, $3.79
Get $3.79 ECBs (limit 4)

$1/1 Carefree printable
Better than FREE after coupons and ECBs!

Aveeno Skin, Sun, or Hair Care
Get $10 ECBs wyb $25 (limit 1)
– Sunblock Lotion or Spray, $9
– Bath Treatment, $7
– Cleanser, Scrub, or Pads (excludes positively ageless), $7
– Positively Ageless (excludes cleanser), $18

$2/1 Aveeno printable
$2/1 Aveeno Nourish + Hair Care Collection, exp. 8-31-09 (V 5/31/09)
$1.50/1 Aveeno Nourish + Hair Care Collection, exp. 8-31-09 (ALL YOU June '09)
Use a $5/$25 CVS coupon and Aveeno could be as low as $0.50 ea. after coupons and ECBs!

Glade Products
Get $3 ECBs wyb $10 (limit 3)
– Glade Plugins Refills, 2/$5
– Glade Scented Oil Candle Holders or Refills, 2/$5
– Glade Sense & Spray, 2/$10
– Glade Lasting Impressions, 2/$10

Search "Glade" under Brand on the Deal Seeking Mom Coupon Database to see all coupons available.

Suggested Deals

Buy (2) Glade Sense & Spray
Use (2) $4/1 Glade Sense & Spray Starter Kit , exp. 9-30-09 (ALL YOU July '09) or (SS 8/23/09)
Better than FREE after coupons and ECBs!


Buy (2) Glade Scented Oil Warmers
Buy (2) Glade Scented Oil Warmer Refills

Use (2) FREE Glade Plugins Scented Oil Warmer wyb Refill, exp. 9-12-09 (SS #2 8/2/09)
$0.50 ea. after coupons and ECBs!

Mennen Deodorant, $2.49
Get $1 ECBs (limit 2)

$1.50/1 Mennen Deodorant printable (regional by zip code)
Better than FREE after coupons and ECBs!

Poise Liners or Pads, 2/$4
Get $1 ECBs wyb 2 (limit 5)

$2/1 Poise printable
$1.50/2 Poise Pads printable
$1.50/2 Poise Liners printable
$1.50/2 Poise Pads, exp. 10-11-09 (SS 8/9/09)
$1.50/2 Poise Pantiliners, exp. 10-11-09 (SS 8/9/09)
As low as better than FREE after coupons and ECBs!

Mead Five Star Binders, psa $3.19
Get $5 ECBs wyb $15 (limit 1)

$2/1 Mead Five Star Binder printable
$0.19 ea. after coupons and ECBs!

Kraft Mac and Cheese, 4/$4
Get $2 ECBs wyb 4 (limit 1)

$0.50 ea. after ECBs!

Adidas Action 3 Anti-Perspirant, $4.99
Get $3 ECBs (limit 1)

$1.99 after ECBs!

Always Ultra Thin Pads, $6
Get $3 ECBs (limit 2)

$0.50/1 Always Pad, exp. 8-31-09 (P&G 8/2/09)
$2.50 after coupon and ECBs!

Schick Intuition or Quattro Razor or Cartridges, $8.99
Get $2 ECBs (limit 1)

$4/1 Schick Quattro Intuition Razor or Refill, exp. 9-18-09 (ALL YOU August '09)
$4/1 Schick Quattro or Intuition Razor or Refill, exp. 8-30-09 (SS 7/26/09)
$4/1 Schick Quattro or Intuition Razor or Refill, exp. 10-4-09 (SS 8/23/09)
$4/1 Schick Quattro Titanium Razor or Refill, exp. 8-30-09 (SS 7/26/09)
$4/1 Schick Quattro Titanium Razor or Refill, exp. 10-4-09 (SS 8/23/09)
$2.99 after coupon and ECBs!

Aquafina or Pepsi 12-pks., 4/$12
Get $3 ECBs wyb 4 (limit 1 – regional deal)

$2.25 ea. after ECBs!

:: Other Deals

Accu Check Meter, $10
$10/1 Accu-Chek Aviva System, exp. 12-31-09 (SS 8/23/09)
FREE after coupon!

Campbell’s Soup, $1
$1/2 Campbell's Soup printable
$0.50 ea. after coupon!

Rimmel Mascara, psa $3.69 (BOGO 50% off)
$2/1 Rimmel Mascara, exp. 10-31-09 (RP 8/23/09)
$0.77 ea. after coupons!

Kellogg's Cereal (select varieties), $2
$1.50/2 Kellogg's Frosted Mini-Wheats printable
$1/2 Kellogg's Cereal, exp. 9-13-09 (Kellogg's/Keebler Insert 8/2/09)
$1.50 after coupon!

Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks, 2/$4
$0.40/1 Betty Crocker Fruit Flavored Shapes printable
$0.40/1 Betty Crocker Fruit Flavored Shapes printable
$0.40/1 Betty Crocker Fruit Flavored Shapes, exp. 10-3-09 (SS #2 8/9/09)
$1.60 after coupon!

Huggies Mega Pack, $14.99
$1.50/1 Huggies Diapers printable
$1.50/1 Huggies Diapers printable
$1.50/1 Huggies Diapers, exp. 9-12-09 (SS 8/16/09)
$1.50/1 Huggies or Huggies Supreme Diapers via Upromise Deposit
$11.99 after coupon and Upromise Deposit!

Pampers Mega Pack, $14.99
$2/1 Pampers Cruisers Diapers, exp. 10-31-09 (SS 8/2/09)
$12.99 after coupon!

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{ 24 comments… read them below or add one }

1 JAM August 22, 2009 at 4:23 pm

None of the printable I tried are working for me. I have not had much luck printing coupons lately at all. I will just get the deals that are good without any coupons, I guess. Looks like the school supplies are slowing down - I still need more filler paper and pencils - should have gotten rainchecks earlier when they were out of things - I figured they'd repeat!


2 Mrs August 22, 2009 at 5:27 pm

I can't find the "$1.50/1 Mennen Deodorant printable." Does that mean that I missed it?


3 sati August 22, 2009 at 5:47 pm

what zipcode is spitting the mennen deoderant coupon PLEASE!!


4 nida kazmi August 22, 2009 at 6:20 pm

Buy 2 Definity Cream Cleansers @ $10.99 ea.

Use $4/20 facial care form Readyfil
2- $3 Q's from RP 8/23
Cost: $11.98
Get back $12. ECB's FREE!!!:D


5 nida kazmi August 22, 2009 at 6:22 pm

ok nvm, not everyone's ad will show this....


6 angie August 22, 2009 at 7:38 pm

i thought i read on some site the Accu Check Meter was producing a ecb. is that not true?


7 emily August 22, 2009 at 10:39 pm

i was understanding that caregiver's marketplace offered $.75 on Jumbo Packs of Huggies only. Is it working for Megas?


8 Tara Kuczykowski August 23, 2009 at 12:09 am

Hmm, it looks like you're right, Emily. Thanks!


9 aneshka August 23, 2009 at 7:47 pm

I did the Olay Deal (Cleansers @10.99) but the ECB was not printing for me. I'm thinking of calling corporate or emailing them, does anyone know the number?



10 Colu August 24, 2009 at 1:11 am

Another amazing deal -

Energizer Batteries
* On sale for $7.99 each
* Spend $15, get $5 EBC

Buy 2 = $15.98
Use $5/15 CVS coupon = $10.98
Use 2 $1/1 Coupons on = $8.98
Get $5 ECB = 3.98

= 1.99 EACH


11 angie August 24, 2009 at 7:28 am

what count batteries are on sale for 7.99?


12 rydergal August 24, 2009 at 10:06 am

Angie, I believe it is the 4 pack of rechargeables that is 7.99 (both AA and AAA). A 2 pack of 9v is 8.49, and a 16 pack of AA (nonrechargeable) is 9.99.


13 Tara Kuczykowski August 24, 2009 at 11:08 am

Great deal, Colu! Where did you get the $5/$15 coupon? I wish they'd bring the coupon machines to Columbus. I never seem to get anything good when I checkout.


14 Colu August 24, 2009 at 1:09 pm

Tara, the $5/$15 has been printing out with the ECBs almost every time I make a purchase!
It usually expires just 3 days later.


15 rydergal August 24, 2009 at 1:20 pm

Tara, I'm with you...I never get the $x/xx coupons either! The lady ahead of me at the register yesterday apparently got 2 in row on separate transactions, but none for me, as usual. Out of the 10 or so stores I have relatively easy access to, only one has a scanner, but it never gives me anything's so disappointing to see all these good deals folks are getting with them!


16 Laura August 24, 2009 at 3:17 pm

There are $3/1 Glade Sense & Spray Starter kits and $1/2 Refills inside the boxes I got yesterday. Not as good as the ones in the paper, but since I have used all of those, this still makes it a pretty good deal!


17 Holly August 25, 2009 at 10:44 am

Has anyone been able to successfully print the Carefree liners coupon? I filled out the page, but all it gave was a message that a coupon would be mailed. Am I missing something?


18 Christopher August 25, 2009 at 11:46 am

What Mead 5-star product is priced at $3.19? The cheapest I could find was a five-dollar notebook at my local store, which can still work out free if you get a couple of ECB freebies with it and use the $4/20 or $5/25 coupons. Rather make a profit than just break even if I can, though.


19 Tara Kuczykowski August 25, 2009 at 12:26 pm

Holly, on the "Thank You" page there's a button that says "Print My Coupon." I didn't click on it because I'm out of ink right now, but I think you should be able to print from there.

Christopher, that's the lowest price that was listed on SlickDeals. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to verify anything at stores this week with my foot. Has anyone else found Mead products for less than $5?


20 Modern Day Mom August 25, 2009 at 12:26 pm

Has anyone noticed the cardboard tower of Arm & Hammer toothpaste samples? The sign on the tower says that every CVS cardholder can get one 0.9oz sample for $0.01, and any additional samples are $0.99. I can't remember if CVS adjusts down coupons, or if they push them through for the full value as long as you have other items in your transaction... but, there are two coupons that might make this deal either free or a moneymaker: $0.75/1 Arm & Hammer Oral Care (SS 5/17/09), and $3/2 Arm & Hammer Oral Care Products (SS 8/16/09). Neither coupon has size restrictions!


21 Dizzy Mommy August 25, 2009 at 5:25 pm

Nothing at my CVS as far as Mead or Five Star for under $5.59 however my Kmart has some binders/notebooks priced for $4.89 so Im saving them for the next doubles week which would make them .89 a great deal with my daughter who needs 12 binders for school this year....


22 Dizzy Mommy August 25, 2009 at 5:30 pm

I forgot to ad that in my CVS sales paper here in Detroit it says qualifying Five Star Notebooks and Binders starting at $ that price (which I have yet to find) you'd have to buy 4@ $4.89 to make the $15. That would come to $19.56- $8 (4- $2/1)= $11.56, then $5 EBCs would make it $6.56 for 4 or $1.64 each... still a good deal but not as great.


23 Christopher August 25, 2009 at 11:33 pm

I bought two half-size 2-subject notebooks at $4.79 and one other at $5.49 to put me just over the $15 limit, filling the rest with $5 worth of free w/ECB items to use the $4/$20 coupon from the pharmacy coupon book.
$15.07 - $6 in coupons -$4 CVS coupon -$5 ECB = 7 cents for the 3 books.
Still pretty much free, if you use the composition books and Carefree/Kotex deals to get to the $20 mark. (And yes, ladies, I was the guy proudly stacking a mountain of pantiliners on the CVS counter this afternoon, hoping nobody I knew would get in line behind me... the things I do for a buck...)


24 Tara Kuczykowski August 26, 2009 at 1:14 am

Woohoo! Wish I could have been there to witness that, Christopher. You need to teach my husband a thing or two.


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