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Introduction to the Deal Seeking Mom Coupon Database

Welcome to the Deal Seeking Mom Coupon Database!

What it is.
The Coupon Database is a listing of currently available coupons to help you save more on your grocery bill. Search available coupons to match them with your local grocery store ad or the recipes you plan to make in the coming week.

Select coupons to add to your Personal Coupon Box so that you can keep track of the coupons in your stash, including their expiration dates, to be sure you're saving as much as you can.

What it isn't.
While the Coupon Database does include links to printable coupons, it is not a coupon generator. Many of the coupons listed come from the weekly newspaper insert and are not available for print (although you can purchase them from coupon clipping services). Refine your search results to show only those coupons that can be printed by selecting "All Printable Coupons" from the dropdown menu.

Refer to this list of abbreviations to better understand those used in the source field, and be sure to read through the Instructions and FAQs for more information on getting the most out of the database!

Enter the main database to get started now!

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