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Welcome to the Deal Seeking Mom Coupon Database!

Here you will find a complete listing of the coupons found in the weekly newspaper inserts and ALL YOU magazine, printable coupons from sites such as, SmartSource and RedPlum, and ecoupons from Cellfire and Upromise.

There are many great features we've built into the database to make it easier to use and more useful for you. Let's take a look at some of those to start, and be sure to refer to the FAQs page for answers to other common questions.

Main Database
Personal Coupon Box

Main Database

Expanded/Compressed View
The Deal Seeking Mom Coupon Database includes ten key pieces of information about every coupon: description, value, expiration date, source, brand, limitations, store (if it is a store coupon), category, product subcategory and blogging format.

However, we know that having all of that information on the screen at one time may make it hard on your eyes, so the database can switch between the default compressed view – which includes description, value, expiration date, source, limitations, store and blogging format – and the expanded view depending on your needs.

Search by Any Field
Make coupon match-ups easier by searching for coupons according to the store deals each week. Search any field using the search box at the top of the database and quickly find the coupons you're looking for!

Sort by Column Header
Make your search results even more useful by sorting the results by any column header. Whether you're looking for coupons that expire this week or those with the highest value, click on any header in the table to sort all of the data by that column.

Blogging Format
For bloggers who post coupon match-ups and deals on their own blogs, use the blogging format to simplify the process. Rather than having to write out a description of each coupon you refer to, simply copy and paste the blogging format right from the database for a complete description that includes value, product description, expiration date and source.

There are two ways to do this. You can simply click on the field and it will copy the HTML onto your clipboard so you can paste it into the post window using ctrl+v (be sure to be in HTML view). Or, you can click "Hide" to turn off the click-to-copy and highlight, copy and paste them manually.

Printing the Database
Use the Print button (located in the search box) to print a list of coupons. You can search for specific coupons or print the complete list of coupons in your Personal Coupon Box.

Once you click the Print button, you will be taken to a printer-friendly version of the coupons you currently have filtered. We suggest that you set your printer on landscape orientation for the best results. Please note that this will not print the actual coupons, only the list of coupons in the search you performed.

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Personal Coupon Box

One of the most exciting features of the Deal Seeking Mom Coupon Database is the ability to create your own Personal Coupon Box, where you can track the coupons in your stash to make deal shopping easier.

Getting Started
To set up your Personal Coupon Box, you first need to create an account here at Deal Seeking Mom. Simply click on the Personal Coupon Box link above the database and you will be directed to register or login. Click on register and follow the instructions to setup your own account.

Once you're done, login to begin using the Personal Coupon Box.

Add Coupons from the Database to Your Personal Coupon Box
Now that you're logged in, you should see check boxes in the far left column of the database next to each coupon. Simply check the box of any coupon that you have in your stash. Once you're done on the first page, click on the link that says "Add to Personal Coupon Box."

You should receive a confirmation message at the top of the database that your coupon has been added to your Personal Coupon Box, and the checkbox will now be greyed out.

Customizing Your Personal Coupon Box
Once you're done adding coupons to your Personal Coupon Box from the database, click on the Personal Coupon Box button above the search box (you can also bookmark the link for future reference: to go to your account. Here, you can change quantities and set the expiration date for printable coupons.

Add Additional Coupons
Chances are you will still have coupons in your stash that aren't in the main database. To add these to your Personal Coupon Box, click on the link within the "Add A Coupon" box, which will then expand to include entry fields for you to manually enter any additional coupons. When you're done filling in the information, click on the "Add My New Coupon!" button to add it to your box.

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