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Introducing MyGiftCardsPlus + Swagbucks

by Tara Kuczykowski on December 28, 2015 · 0 comments

By now you know Swagbucks is all about getting free gift cards, but wouldn’t it be great if you could earn SB when you purchase gift cards? To me, it feels like the final piece in creating the perfect cash back rewards cycle. You already know your favorite stores, why not purchase gift cards in advance and take advantage of yet even more cash back savings? Swagbucks have made it easy with! is the newest gift card mall that works to give you the most cash back on purchases of gift cards to your favorite retailers. With every gift card you buy from you will receive cash back in the form of SB.

Need more details? Here’s how it works:

First, if you don’t already have one, sign up for a Swagbucks account here to make linking accounts easy later on. Once you’re signed up, the real fun begins.

Buy digital gift cards to your favorite retailers

You can shop for digital gift cards from your favorite retailers at including Sears, Home Depot, eBay, AMC, Sephora, Toys R Us, JC Penney, American Airlines, Domino’s Pizza, Applebee’s, and so many more!.

Earn SB with every gift card purchase

Your account will be linked to your Swagbucks account. This way we ensure that you will receive your SB. You’ll receive up to 15% back in SB with every digital gift card purchase!

Redeem your SB for gift cards at

As you already know you can redeem your SB for hundreds of different gift card options. You’ll essentially be getting FREE gift cards with every digital gift card purchase on

With these easy steps, you will be getting the most cash back on your gift card purchases, hands down. Stock up now, and get more savings by shopping sales that retailers offer and even more savings if you use your gift cards to purchase through the Swagbucks shop!


Have you heard about Acorns, yet? It's an app that automatically invests spare change from your purchases.

So what exactly does that mean? Basically you link your checking, savings, and credit card accounts to your Acorns account, and each transaction you make is automatically rounded up to the next dollar. The difference is invested via Acorns in your choice of portfolios: conservative, moderately conservative, moderate, moderately aggressive or aggressive.

In my opinion, it's an easy and painless way to consistently save money! I've been using it since March, and I have over $1,000 in my account from round-ups -- and I haven't felt a pinch at all. Plus, unlike traditional investment accounts or 401K plans, you can make deposits and withdrawals whenever you want to without having to pay any fees.

But don't take my word for it -- set up your Acorns account now! There's no minimum deposit, and if you set it up before December 1st, you'll receive a $5 bonus!!!


  • No Minimum Deposit -- Start with a $5 signup bonus today.
  • Annual Fees -- $1/month for accounts under $5,000, and 0.25% per year for accounts over $5,000.
  • Mobile App and Website Access -- iPhone, Android support and the recently introduced website access.
  • Students Invest for Free -- Individuals under 24 years of age and/or attending college pay no fees.
  • Round-Ups -- For each debit or credit card transaction, the round up to the nearest dollar is invested into Acorns.
  • Scheduled Deposits -- Set recurring daily, weekly or monthly investments.
  • SIPC insured -- insured through the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) for up to $500,000.

Disclosure: The $5 bonus works both ways, so you can earn a bonus as well when you share with your family and friends after registering! However, I would have shared this app with you all anyhow, because I've seen my personal results over the last year and believe it's a great way to save for retirement, vacation, next Christmas -- whatever your personal goals are.


Triple Your Cash Back this Holiday Season With Swagbucks

by Tara Kuczykowski on November 20, 2015 · 0 comments

Most of us have some sort of cash back rewards on our credit or debit cards. Every time we use them, we get a percentage back in the form of cash or redeemable points that we can save in our rainy day fund, or use to splurge guilt-free, depending on your personality.

But you may not know that, with Swagbucks, you could be multiplying those cash back rewards without changing anything about your credit card or spending habits. As you finalize your holiday shopping plans, don't miss out on this chance to double, triple or even quadruple your cash back from online shopping!

Here's how it works:

  • Swagbucks, which always offers great cash back on major online retail sites throughout the year, is doubling their rewards for the entire holiday season.
  • But wait -- on Black Friday (Starting 8pm ET on November 26) and Cyber Monday (November 30) they are offering Triple Cash Back at a huge range of featured online stores, think Walmart, Target, Barnes & Noble, etc., plus a wide range of specialty businesses to choose from in order to find the perfect gifts.

All you have to do is click on the retailer's link from Swagbucks and shop from there -- that's it! Keep using your usual card to get your usual cash back rewards, and rack up triple rewards at Swagbucks on the side. The rewards Swagbucks offers differs across retailers, so expect anything from 3% to 24% Cash Back, on top of whatever your card offers, not to mention the retailers' massive sales. As always, with the SB you earn on Swagbucks you can get Visa cash cards or Pay Pal deposits or pick from a huge range of gift cards, some at discounted prices.

What's that? You prefer waiting in the freezing cold lines to shopping at home in your jammies on Black Friday? Well ok, it's a tradition of sorts, I guess. But make sure you put your time in line to good use -- with Swagbucks Mobile Apps, you can put cash back in your wallet just by shivering with your smartphone in hand! Plus, when members use the new Swagbucks Mobile App on Black Friday they will be entered into a $500 Christmas Giveaway! For every 25 SB you earn through the Mobile App, you'll get an entry into a drawing for $500 or 1 of 20 prizes for $100.

With all these deals you can't lose, and hopefully you can save that little extra to stretch your holiday budget as far as it needs to go this year. First time hearing about Swagbucks? Well you're missing out! Sign up for free here.


Looking for an easy way to stretch your holiday budget and make your friends' day at the same time? Here's your chance: Swagbucks, the awesome rewards site that gives you cash and discounted gift cards for doing everyday tasks, is offering a Three For All referral promotion! This is absolutely the easiest way to make real money on Swagbucks and is a win for everyone.

What IS Swagbucks? It's the biggest rewards site out there, where you get points called SB for doing things online and turn those into gift cards! They actually just hit $100 million in rewards given out to their members, so this site is the real deal. Want to know how you can join in on the rewards, plus get a bonus that will double your SB? Here's how it works:

Sign up for Swagbucks here. When you earn 300 SB by Saturday, 10/31, you (and the person who referred you to join) will also get another 300 SB bonus, so your SB will be automatically doubled!

Already a member? Earn your bonus by inviting a friend, and share the tips below to help them get 300 SB! Remember the bonus goes both ways: when you invite a friend and they earn their 300 SB, you BOTH get a 300 SB bonus! It's a win-win for all.

Earn 300 SB in Two Weeks

Whether you're brand new and looking to get your bonus, or you just want to spread the word and help friends with their bonus, here are ways that you can earn 300 SB in less than 2 weeks:

Watch a variety of video playlists on your desktop and earn up to 500 SB in just one day. Check out all the different video playlists you want, or spread it out over the course of a week = 300+ SB by Oct 31st

Earn SB on the go with the SBTV app and other Watch apps:
SBTV app: 36 SB per day = 540 SB by Oct 31st
All of the YowGo apps (including,, Entertainow,, and pay out up to 10 SB per day. Choose 3 apps to watch videos on weekdays = 300 SB by Oct 31st

Here’s one way to check off a little SB earnings each day:

Daily Poll = 13 SB
Daily Crave = 13 SB
Daily Offers (NOSO) = 26 SB
Swagbucks Search, try to get at least 1 Search Win a day = 100 SB
Special Offers, try a couple quick & free offers on the homepage or Discover page = 65 SB
Surveys, complete at least 3-5 within the course of 2 weeks = 85 SB

Want to get your 300 SB in one day? Check out the Discover page to see if there’s a Special Offer that you’re interested in. Many of them earn you more than 300 SB, some even more than 1,000 SB, AND credit instantly. (Terms vary by offer. See specific offer for details.)

Note: the above SB amounts are estimations and can vary. SB amounts are for US members only.

Right now is the best time to join Swagbucks: with the holiday season coming up fast, your 300 SB bonus and earnings can go towards gifts, travel purchases or offset your holiday shopping! Sign up today and use the tips above to guarantee your bonus!


Earn 1,000 SB By Sharing Your Swagbucks Story

by Tara Kuczykowski on November 3, 2015 · 1 comment


Swagbucks has been writing about how to earn free gift cards for a long time, sharing tips and tricks on how to get the most out of the site. Especially around the holidays, every last penny counts, and Swagbucks is a super easy way to help you earn that little extra to make the holiday budget work.

Now they are looking for stories from current or future Swagbucks members describing what they could do or have done with that little extra help Swagbucks provides. 

Members who get their stories published receive 1,000 SB. Plus your referral link will be used whenever Swagbucks is mentioned in the post! That means, on top of a free $10 gift card, you will get an additional 10% of every SB earned by those registering through your link, just for sharing your story!!!

Do you have a little, great Swagbucks story to share about how to earn that important little extra on Swagbucks? Send your story to and include your:

  1. Name
  2. Swag Name
  3. Where you're from: city/state
  4. How you first came to Swagbucks
  5. Your favorite ways of earning SB
  6. A photo


If you would like to nominate another member to be featured on A Little Extra Stories, please create a video and either post it on Twitter (make sure to include @swagbucks and #SBgoodpeople in your message), post it on our Facebook wall or send a link (or it) via email to Send them an email to let them know no matter what. If they choose that story, the person you nominate will get 1,000 SB and you will get 500 SB!

If they don't tell your story this week, it doesn’t mean they won’t tell it in the future. There are so many great stories to share. Look forward to hearing yours!

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