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August Swagbucks Three For All! {300 SB Bonus}

by Tara Kuczykowski on August 14, 2015 · 0 comments

From now until the end of the month, you can get 300 SB when you refer someone to join -- but here's the kicker: they get 300 SB too! These points, called "SB", can be redeemed for a $3 gift card or saved up for an even larger gift card!

In this month's Swagbucks Three For All, when you get a new referral and they earn 300 SB by Aug 31st, they get an additional 300 SB bonus AND you also get a 300 SB bonus. It's that easy! The more people you refer, the more 300 SB bonuses you have the potential to earn.

Bonuses will credit by Sept 10th. Not a member yet? Sign up here to work towards your 300 SB bonus, or starting inviting friends today!

Be sure to check out the newly updated Swagbucks page today for more tips to maximize your SB earning potential!


TODAY ONLY: The easiest 500 SB ever...

Sign up for Visa Checkout Today Only with Swagbucks and earn 500 SB (no purchase necessary)! Visa Checkout is a digital wallet that makes online shopping more convenient.

You simply set-up your account and register any Visa debit or credit card you own. The next time you shop online and and see the Visa Checkout logo, click the logo and you will pay for your purchase instantly.

But how do you get your 500 SB? It’s so easy:

  • On Wednesday, August 12th ONLY click on the Visa Checkout Special Offer on
  • Create an account with Visa Checkout.
  • Link a Visa credit or debit card to your Visa Checkout account (you MUST link a Visa credit or debit card to be eligible for the 500 SB).
  • Enter your shipping information.

Once completed you will earn your 500 SB immediately! You will not need to make a purchase. Note that you must have a Visa credit or debit card to complete this offer, and that this offer is for US members only.

Not a Swagbucks member yet? Sign up here to take advantage of this one-day-only opportunity!

Be sure to check out the newly updated Swagbucks page today for more tips to maximize your SB earning potential!


Earn Gift Cards Faster with Swagbucks!

by Tara Kuczykowski on July 30, 2015 · 0 comments

Have you heard Swagbucks' BIG news for the Rewards Store? If you're already familiar with Swagbucks, you know the Reward Store is where you turn your points called SB into awesome gift cards, and this exciting news makes it even better:

Some additional benefits include:

1. Greater Savings -- If you previously redeemed five $5 Amazon Gift Cards, you were spending 2250 SB. Now you can get the same $25 worth of Amazon Gift Cards for 2200 SB, a 20% higher discount!

2. More Choices -- Right now, the only gift card they currently discount is Amazon. This introduction offers you a discount on over 100 gift card choices of your favorite brands, stores, retailers, and restaurants - brands like CVS, Walmart, Visa, Target, Starbucks, Ebay, Best Buy and more!

3. Faster Redemptions -- The $3 Amazon Gift Card allows you to get an Amazon Gift Card 33% faster than is currently possible. To expand the options for speedier gift card redemptions, they also plan on offering more low denomination Gift Cards of other brands in the coming months.

Not a member yet? Swagbucks is a simple way to turn your fun online time (and even the not so fun, like using a search engine!) into gift cards! Sign up for free here, and start redeeming Swag Codes now!

Be sure to check out the newly updated Swagbucks page today for more tips to maximize your SB earning potential!


Earn a $15 Movie Gift Card with Swagbucks!

by Tara Kuczykowski on July 21, 2015 · 0 comments

We don't go to the movie theater often, but when we do, we're definitely looking for the most affordable route. Whether you prefer the biggest blockbusters or the sweetest romantic comedy, Swagbucks can get you into the movies for free!

Swagbucks is a rewards site that gives you points called SB for things like searching, watching videos & browsing articles. You redeem those SB for gift cards to places like Amazon, PayPal -- and yes, even to the movies. I like to save up my SB for Amazon gift cards to help lower the cost of my monthly Subscribe & Save order, but I splurge on a Starbucks gift card occasionally!

Here’s how Swagbucks can help you can turn watching videos online into your watching movies in the theater for free: Earning 1,500 SB gets you enough for a $15 movie gift card from AMC or Regal Cinema!

Whether you’re on the go, at home, or stuck at a desk, here’s how you can get your $15 movie gift card in just 1 week:

  • SBTV mobile on Android & iOS: Earn up to 36 SB per day watching everything from food videos & news to Hulu clips & music videos - 252 SB
  • app on Android & iOS: Get 18 SB per day watching the latest movie trailers - 126 SB
  • EntertaiNOW app on Android & iOS (US only): You can also earn another 18 SB per day checking out news on movies and TV shows, behind-the-scenes interviews and celebrity gossip - 126 SB
  • SBTV on Desktop: Watch a little bit of everything, including Hulu clips & music videos, but with a higher earning cap of 150 SB per day - 1,050 SB

When you have a specific SB goal (like a $15 AMC or Regal Cinema gift card) and a plan of action, you’ll get gift cards faster and check out the newest action-comedy or Oscar-nominated drama without spending extra money. There are even more ways to earn SB online, so take a look around and see what works best for you. You don’t have to wait until the next blockbuster comes out to start saving up with Swagbucks!

Be sure to check out the newly updated Swagbucks page today for more tips to maximize your SB earning potential!


What if I told you that you could get Swag Bucks just for doing your grocery shopping? Not just a few SB here and there -- but up to 3,000 SB! What if these groceries were not only healthy for you and your family, but that you would help feed a low income family as well?

That's the premise behind the newest membership-based shopping club, Thrive Market. And for the first time, you can get SB for joining and using Thrive Market -- which of course goes right back into your own pocket as gift cards or PayPal cash!

Sign up for free at Thrive Market. Get 1,000 SB when you make your first purchase. You can also earn 2,000 SB more when you join their membership program! That's enough SB for a $30 gift card, plus you'll be buying the best-selling healthy foods and wholesome producs in everyday sizes, but at 25-50% LESS than retail prices! Plus, for every person who gets a membership, Thrive will give a free membership to a low-income family.

If you're interested earning more Swag Bucks for doing something as simple as grocery shopping, join in on Swagbucks now!

Be sure to check out the newly updated Swagbucks page today for more tips to maximize your Swag Bucks earning potential!