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Meet the New Polaroid Snap Touch Camera + Giveaway!

by Tara Kuczykowski on August 28, 2018 · 72 comments

I know some of you already have an eye toward holiday gifts, so I thought I'd take a minute to introduce you to this new Polaroid Snap Touch Camera! Plus keep scrolling for a giveaway in honor of #MeetPolaroidTravels.

Share your best travel moments with #MeetPolaroidTravels throughout this summer for a chance to win...well, it's a surprise! Submissions end on September 4. Like @MeetPolaroid for details on how to enter, winner announcements and more!

If you loved playing with a Polaroid camera when you were little (as I did), you're going to adore this updated technology. It's a Polaroid camera for the digital age, that adults, teens, and tweens will all adore. In fact, I don't even know where mine is 95% of the time, because my girls are always playing with it...

The Polaroid Snap Touch Instant Print Digital Camera makes it fun, quick, and easy to snap, record, edit, print, and share all of those moments that you want to treasure for years to come. You can share instantly via bluetooth connectivity, or print your favorite images with the built-in instant printer!

My girls LOVE the instant print feature for decorating their lockers with photos of them and their friends. And the special 2x3" ZINK zero ink photo paper makes it super easy to do this with its peel off sticky back. You can even add filters, borders, and stickers to your photos before you take them -- all made easy by the 3.5" LCD screen on the back of the camera.

The Polaroid Snap Touch is available in 6 colors: white, black, red, pink, blue. and purple. Find it on or in stores at Macy's, Target, Best Buy, and Walmart!

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Kingston Back To School Tech Price Drops + Giveaway!

by Tara Kuczykowski on August 17, 2018 · 39 comments

As my kids' classrooms go more and more digital, I'm always on the lookout for tech products that provide extra convenience. So these two products from Kingston really caught my eye: the Kingston Nucleum, a 7-in-1 connection hub, and the Kingston Bolt, a digital photo transfer device. Both are an excellent value with a new price drop that went into effect earlier this week!

I've been testing them out for the past month, so let me tell you a little bit about each one. And be sure to keep scrolling for a chance to win these two devices!

Kingston Bolt 64B, $44.99 (was $89.99!)
Have you ever tried to take a photo with your iPhone or iPad, only to get the dreaded "storage full" message? Then the Kingston Bolt is totally for you! It quickly backs up your photos and videos to free up iPhone space. Or you can just shoot photos and/or videos directly to Bolt.

I am literally the worst about culling photos from my phone, so the Bolt has truly been a lifesaver. The Bolt app makes it super easy to transfer phots, videos, and PDFs off of my phone, and I love that it comes with it's own silicone holder that I can clip on my keychain. This way it's always with me any time I need to use it!

Kingston Nucleum, $49.99 (was $79.99!)
The Kingston Nucleum is the answer being able to use all of the accessories you love with the new Mac notebooks. It plugs in with a USB-C cable, and gives you 7 additional ports to connect devices: USB-C (power input), USB-C (data), HDMI, USB-A (x2), SD, and microSD.

It's especially convenient that the USB ports are located on opposite sides of the unit, which means you don't have to worry about not having enough room to use them both at once. In fact, all 7 ports can be used simultaneously, with only one port used for power import. AND it has power delivery pass-through, which means you can power your MacBook/Device while simultaneously charging a phone AND running your external hard drive!

I'd definitely say this is a must-have device for students (and parents) that are using a 2016 or newer MacBook!

Want to win both a Kingston Bolt and Nucleum to try for yourself? Enter below to win!!!

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FREE Pokémon Pin for DSM Readers

Hey Pokémon fans, you're going to LOVE this offer! GameStop is hosting a super limited event -– only 22 stores are participating -- this Sunday, July 15th at 6:30pm. Not only will you be able to trade Pokémon cards with your fellow trainers, but you can also battle them for a small fee to win Gamestop gift cards!

PLUS, if you are one of the first 25 people who mention Deal Seeking Mom at the door, you'll get a cool Pokémon pin TOTALLY FREE!!! And you know how I LOVE free things...

Check the list below to see if there's a GameStop store participating near you. I was pretty surprised to find my little local store on the list! But if yours isn't there, don't despair -- scroll to the bottom of this post to enter to win a fabulous Pokémon prize package!

Participating GameStop Stores




Never been to a Trade & Play event? Here's what you can expect:


  • Date: Sunday, July 15
  • Time: 6:30 p.m.


  • During the event guests can come in and trade Pokémon cards with their fellow trainers
  • The trade portion of the event is free for anyone to participate!

Play Event

  • The cost to enter the play event is $20 (plus tax) – this includes a Pokémon Build & Battle box (23-card evolution pack and 4 booster packs) and a $5 gift card
  • A promo will be running discounting these items to $20
  • Players must use the cards from the Build & Battle box to play in the tournament and the $5 gift card should be retained as a part of the prize
  • All gift cards from play entries go to the winner!

Play Event Bracket

  • Participants are put into a 16-person bracket
  • At the time of the play event, GameStop staff fills out the bracket in order of the sign-up sheet for everyone who has their Build & Battle box

Match Rules

  • Each match is single elimination
  • Players may only use cards received from the Build & Battle box purchased as entry, excluding energy cards
  • Players should bring a variety of energy types, as they will not know what kind of deck they can build ahead of time
  • Each store will have extra energy cards that players can borrow to help build their decks


  • Each player shuffles their 40-card deck and draws 7 cards (keep hidden)
  • Put your basic Pokémon in place face down – 1 as your active Pokémon and up to 5 on your bench
  • The next 6 cards in the deck should be put face down on the side as your prize cards


  1. Draw a card
  2. Do any of the following actions in any order:
    • Put Basic Pokémon cards from your hand onto your Bench (as many times as you want)
    • Evolve your Pokémon (as many times as you want)
    • Attach an Energy card from your hand to one of your Pokémon (once per turn)
    • Play Trainer cards (as many as you want, but only one Supporter card and one Stadium card per turn)
    • Use Abilities (as many as you want)
    • Retreat your Active Pokémon (only once per turn)
  3. Attack, then end your turn

You WON if…

  • You have all the prize cards
  • You’ve knocked out all your opponents' Pokémon
  • Your opponent cannot draw a card at the start of his or her turn

Pokémon Giveaway

One lucky Deal Seeking Mom reader (US Only) will win this fabulous Pokémon prize package, which will include:

  • $25 GameStop gift card
  • Mega Construx Kit
  • Gallery Figure
  • Trading Cards
  • Portable Pikachu Charger
  • Pokéball
  • T-shirt
  • Pins

Follow the instructions in the widget below to be entered for a chance to win...

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It's Nintendo Switch's birthday! To celebrate, GameStop is introducing the #NintendoSwitchChallenge -- a fun (and a little wacky) way to play Mario Kart! We're a total Switch family, so my boys just HAD to try it out. Check out their video below (or click here to watch on YouTube). It was such a blast!

Now, it’s YOUR turn! Film your race, then post it all over social media. Make sure to tag @GameStop with the hashtag #NintendoSwitchChallenge. They’re going to be giving away a bunch of awesome Switch accessories for fans who do the challenge. And tag me too -- @TaraKuczykowski! I'd love to see how your race compares to ours.

Make sure to visit your local GameStop from March 3-10, because more than 50 Switch toys, collectibles and accessories are going to be on sale! Here are the top deals, but you can check out the full lineup of sales on GameStop’s flyer:

  • 20% off select Nintendo Switch accessories—controllers, charging docks, carrying cases, racing wheels and more
  • 20% off select Nintendo-themed plush, toys, housewares & drinkware
  • Up to $20 off select Switch games (FIFA 18 for only $39.99!)
  • Get an extra $5 when you trade any Nintendo Switch games
  • 50% extra credit on any future Nintendo Switch game trades with purchase of any of these sale products

On to the challenge! Here’s how to play...

You’ll Need: At least two players, a Nintendo Switch, and Mario Kart 8 (don’t have a Nintendo Switch? Don’t worry—GameStop has you covered! More than 1,400 stores have a demo Switch, where you can film your challenge – check out their Switch store locator to find the nearest Switch-ready store near you)

Player One: This is the “Commander,” who sits facing the screen – it’s also fun to have more than one Commander, just beware—it can get a little loud!

Player Two: The “Driver” sits with their back to the screen (or blindfolded)—with the Joy-cons or controller
Rev Your Engine: Start up your Switch, fire up Mario Kart 8 and get ready to put your skills to the test

The Challenge: The Commander guides the Driver through the course –telling them when to turn, use their items, avoid running into walls and cows and fences…

Share: Post your best race on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and/or YouTube channel! Make sure to tag @GameStop with the hashtag: #NintendoSwitchChallenge

Win A Switch Accessory Prize Package!

Today, one (1) lucky Deal Seeking Mom reader will win a Nintendo Switch Gear Prize Pack from GameStop and PDP (ARV $150+), which includes the following:

Follow the instructions in the widget below to be entered for a chance to win...

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If you're getting a tax refund this year (and I hope you are!), you can get the biggest bang for Uncle Sam’s buck at GameStop with their two-week Refund Sale Event!

If that tax refund is burning a hole your pocket, don’t miss the chance to stretch your refund with tons of awesome deals at GameStop. From Feb. 25 to March 6, GameStop is offering early-bird filers a way to multiply their hard-earned dollars with unbeatable savings and trade offers on a variety of games, consoles, accessories, toys, and apparel.

A few highlights:

  • Nintendo Switch in stock at GameStop stores nationwide and on
  • Save $100 on PlayStation VR headset bundles (offer valid until March 3)
  • Save $50 on all new Xbox One S consoles (offer valid until March 2)
  • Up to 50% off top game titles – Xbox, PS4 and PC
  • Buy 1, get 1 50% off POP! vinyl figures, t-shirts, hats and socks

For the full line-up of refund sale deals, visit!

Today, one (1) lucky Deal Seeking Mom reader will win a Tax Season Prize Pack from GameStop (ARV $150+), which includes the following:


Pixel Pals – set of 2 (shipped at random)
Funko POP! Vinyl Figures – set of 2 (shipped at random)

Nintendo Switch Accessory Pack:

Light-Up Dock Shield
Deluxe Wired Controller
Switch Backpack

Follow the instructions in the widget below to be entered for a chance to win...

This giveaway is sponsored by GameStop; all opinions and text are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that support this site!